PUMA KING Icon, A Tribute to Football’s Greatest

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In the captivating world of football, the heritage of a brand isn’t just about its logo, the quality of its products, or its market prowess. It’s equally about the legacy it has fostered and the legends it has contributed to the beautiful game. Today, this takes form in the PUMA KING Icon, a thrilling new launch from PUMA that proudly pays homage to football’s greatest icons who proudly donned the PUMA KING boots: the likes of Eusébio, Pelé, Johan Cruyff, Lothar Matthäus, and Diego Maradona.

The PUMA KING has long been more than just a boot; it is a symbol of excellence, a testament to mastery in the football world. The new PUMA KING Icon isn’t just a celebration of the legacy left by these stellar athletes; it is a symbol of the enduring bond between the game’s royal elite and the boot that has powered their path to glory.


With an eye-catching colorway that weaves together the national hues of these five football giants, the PUMA KING Icon is a testament to the intertwined histories of these icons, PUMA, and the KING series. It is a vibrant tribute to the rich, diverse, and shared narrative of the beautiful game.

But the PUMA KING Icon isn’t just about the past; it looks towards the future too. It features an innovative non-animal K-BETTER material, designed for the modern footballer who seeks control with a touch of finesse. It’s not just a leap in performance, but also in sustainability, incorporating at least 20% recycled material in its design. This is PUMA’s promise of a better future, one where performance and sustainability aren’t rivals but allies on the same team.


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Tests have shown that K-BETTER is superior to the traditional KING K-Leather in touch, comfort, and durability. So much so that PUMA has decided to bid adieu to the production of kangaroo leather football boots this year, a move as decisive as a well-placed penalty shot.

The PUMA KING Icon isn’t just about a revolutionary upper. It also introduces a new lightweight outsole, an external heel counter, a KING stability structure, and conical studs. This fusion of features ensures a player has as much control over their movements as they do over the ball. With a lightweight, removable insole equipped with NanoGrip technology, this boot promises to minimize power loss during sharp direction changes, ensuring you’re always in control, whether you’re on the pitch or in the street.


The PUMA KING Icon edition, a marriage of rich heritage and innovative technology, is now available on PUMA.com, in PUMA stores, and at specialized football retailers worldwide.

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