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SAINT LAURENT Fall 2024, A Decadent Return to Classic Tailoring

Saint Laurent Fall 2024 menswear by Anthony Vaccarello offered a luxurious, languid take on classic tailoring, blending past and present…

By Duc Tran

Lacoste Serves Up a Winning Fall 2024 Collection Steeped in Heritage

Lacoste's Fall/Winter 2024 collection is a celebration of heritage, innovation, and a touch of playful rebellion. Pelagia Kolotouros successfully bridges…

By Duc Tran

Casablanca Fall 2024, A Trip Through Ancient Greece with Modern Flair

Casablanca's Fall 2024 collection blends classic tailoring with sporty elements, drawing inspiration from ancient Greece for a sophisticated and versatile…

By Duc Tran

Alexander McQueen Fall 2024, A New Dawn with Edgy Elegance

Seán McGirr's debut for Alexander McQueen balanced brand heritage with fresh perspective. He reinterpreted iconic silhouettes, introduced casual elements, and…

By Duc Tran

Ann Demeulemeester Fall 2024, Stefano Gallici Charts a New Course Through the House’s Legacy

Stefano Gallici's Fall 2024 collection for Ann Demeulemeester explores a balance between honoring the brand's heritage and establishing his own…

By Duc Tran

Balenciaga Fall 2024, A Playful Exploration of Fashion and Reality

Balenciaga's Fall 2024 collection playfully explores fashion with relaxed tailoring, repurposed garments, and celebrates human creativity as the new luxury.

By Duc Tran

VETEMENTS Fall 2024, Guram Gvasalia Goes Big and Bold

VETEMENTS Fall 2024 showcased Guram Gvasalia's signature oversized aesthetic with humor and personal references. Playful tailoring, pool noodle sleeves, and…

By Duc Tran

Off-White Fall 2024, A Maximalist Remix of Americana and African Influences

Off-White's Fall 2024 collection is a vibrant maximalist mix of African and American influences, with streetwear elements and bold embellishments…

By Duc Tran