Palm Angels Revisits TOD’S Tabs Sneaker

Palm Angels and TOD'S redefine footwear elegance with their latest sneaker collaboration. Merging 70s charm with contemporary flair, this unique design showcases luxury and timeless style, available November 9th for style-conscious men and women.
November 11, 2023
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Palm Angels Revisits TOD'S Tabs Sneaker

The latest collaboration between Palm Angels and TOD’S is a testament to innovative design and craftsmanship. This partnership has resulted in a sneaker that redefines traditional boundaries, seamlessly blending heritage and modernity.

This collaboration takes center stage with the introduction of the TOD’S Tabs sneaker, a fusion of athletic flair and unparalleled elegance. The sneaker is a testament to TOD’S expert craftsmanship, showcasing their ability to work with the finest leathers to produce the highest quality footwear. But it’s the touch of the Palm Angels that adds an extra layer of allure to the design. The sneaker’s sleek, tapered lines and ’70s-inspired tongue construction bring a retro feel to a decidedly modern shoe.

Palm Angels Revisits TOD'S Tabs Sneaker

One of the standout features of this collaboration is the attention to detail. The gold lurex Palm Angels logo on the tongue and heel is a nod to the brand’s bold style. Meanwhile, TOD’S leaves its mark with the iconic “T” embossed on the lace loop and back logo, a subtle yet powerful reminder of the brand’s heritage.

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What really sets this sneaker apart is the combination of signature elements from both brands. The black leather palm tree that runs along the sides of the upper embodies the West Coast spirit of the Palm Angels. Meanwhile, the TOD’S gommino detail, transformed into a decorative piece on the back of the shoe, is a celebration of Italian lifestyle and craftsmanship.

Palm Angels and TOD’S have managed to capture the essence of the present while paying homage to their respective legacies, culminating in a design that’s both timeless and of the moment.

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Palm Angels Revisits TOD'S Tabs Sneaker
Palm Angels Revisits TOD'S Tabs Sneaker
Palm Angels Revisits TOD'S Tabs Sneaker

The Palm Angels x TOD’S sneakers are available for both men and women, underscoring the inclusive nature of this collaboration. The sneakers are scheduled to be released on November 9th and will be available at Palm Angels boutiques worldwide, on and selected international distributors.

© Photos: Palm Angels

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