Epiphany 2023, Maison Ladurée presents a gourmet and tasty hybrid galette des rois

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Epiphany 2023 - Galette des Rois Ladurée

A galette des rois (King cake) that twists between crunchy and stasty, between the Basque cake and the puff pastry of the classic galette, that’s what Maison Ladurée and its Chef Julien Alvarez are proposing for the Epiphany 2023.

A hybrid galette des rois, between two great classics of French pastry. The boldness and creativity of Julien Alvarez from Ladurée is sure to make the mouths of all gourmets and food lovers water. Between an explosion of flavors and a subtle play of textures, Alvarez’s galette is a spiral of puffy brioche filled with a generous almond cream and pistachio slivers, two star ingredients of Maison Ladurée. The whole thing is embellished with a subtle note of orange blossom.

And, as tradition dictates, a macaroon or Ispahan charm is hidden in each galette. A pleasant surprise to complete your collection of charm, if you are a great collectionneur of charms.

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Epiphany 2023 - Galette des Rois Ladurée
Epiphany 2023 - Galette des Rois Ladurée
Epiphany 2023 - Galette des Rois Ladurée

Julien Alvarez’s signature galette des rois for Maison Ladurée is available from January 1st to 31st, at a price of 45 € (approximately $48 USD) for 6 persons, in Ladurée boutiques and on laduree.fr

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