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“Reebok Impact” unleashes the power of AI for sneaker customization

"Reebok Impact, a collaboration between Reebok and Futureverse, uses AI to create custom digital sneakers from user-submitted photos, providing a…

By Stéphane Leonelli

South Korean Label yeseyee Reimagines the Reebok Preseason 94 Low with a Blast from the 90s

South Korean label yeseyee collaborates with Reebok to launch a collection featuring a redesigned Reebok Preseason 94 Low in a…

By Stéphane Leonelli

Reebok Instapump Fury OG “Citron” Makes a Zesty Return

The Reebok Instapump Fury OG "Citron" returns, celebrating the 90s icon with its original bold design and inflatable technology.

By Stéphane Leonelli

Reebok LTD and KANGHYUK Unveil a Game-Changing Sneaker Collaboration

Reebok LTD and KANGHYUK unveil their latest creation: a collaboration that fuses innovative design with cutting-edge technology Reebok LTD has…

By Stéphane Leonelli

Reebok Club C FWD, The Evolutionary Leap in Footwear Design

The new Reebok LTD line continues its journey of experimenting with icons and unveils a piece that is sure to…

By Stéphane Leonelli

Stepping into the Future with Reebok LTD Sneakers Collection

Known for intertwining sports culture with street style, it seems Reebok is once again set to rattle the industry with…

By Stéphane Leonelli

Reebok Names Shaquille O’Neal as President of Basketball

Reebok is gearing up for a return to the basketball scene, rejuvenated and powered by none other than the legendary…

By Stéphane Leonelli

A Reebok Question Mid emerges in “Hornets” colors

Like Michael Jordan, Allen Iverson has had a huge impact on the merging of fashion and basketball. His style on…

By Stéphane Leonelli