Epiphany 2023 – DIOR unveils its King cake

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Épiphany 2023 - King cake DIOR

Christian Dior was an enthusiastic devotee of the art of astrology, but he was also a great lover of the art of gastronomy. As a tribute to its founder’s passion for gastronomy, the House of DIOR has unveiled a generous galette des rois (king cake) for the Epiphany 2023.

A golden and crispy king cake with delicious almond notes, filled with a smooth frangipane cream, which was dreamed up by the chef Jean Imbert and his pastry chef Romuald Bizart. The little extra added by the Haute Couture house? The galette is also embellished with a delicate biscuit in the shape of a compass rose, the lucky star of Mr. Dior, also declined on the bean-charm.

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Épiphany 2023 - King cake DIOR
© Photos: Matteo Carassale

Presented in a refined box, the DIOR galette des rois can be taken away or enjoyed on-the-spot at the DIOR patisserie at 30 Montaigne (Paris), a unique place that is a true ode to excellent craftsmanship and pleasure.

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