Epiphany 2023 – The Lutetia Paris’ galette des rois, a gustatory journey of the pecan nut

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Epiphany 2023 - King Cake Lutetia Paris

If you’re a fan of frangipane, go the other way! But if you’re a fan of the galette des rois (King cake), then the pecan galette from the talented Pastry Chef Nicolas Guercio of the Lutetia Paris is the one you absolutely must try.

For those who love pecan galettes – yes, there are people who don’t like frangipane and I know a lot of them – the Parisian palace offers this year an ultra gourmet galette des rois, both in tasting and in presentation.

It is composed of several discs of puff pastry, between which the Chef has slipped different inserts with varied and unexpected textures. There is a melting crumble, a butter cream and a praline that mixes deliciously with pecan chips, almond-pecan cream or a flaky brioche. A true delight to be savored and to be asked for again!

And, a galette des rois without charm is not a galette des rois. True to tradition, the great Pastry Chef has hidden a surprise golden charm in a cake, and the lucky person who finds it will be offered a magical night in one of the hotel’s suites. An unforgettable discovery in one of the most emblematic palaces of the City of Light.

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Epiphany 2023 - King Cake Lutetia Paris

The Lutetia Paris King cake is available in limited edition and only on reservation by phone at 01 49 54 46 00 – the pick up is to be done at the Lutetia Paris – at the price of €75 (approximately $80 USD) for 8 persons.

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