Pierre Hermé signs two exceptional Yule logs in homage to Paris and its Haussman style

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Yule Log 2022 - Pierre Hermé

This holiday season, French pastry chef and chocolatier Pierre Hermé celebrates Paris “the city of light” and pays tribute to one of its most emblematic figures: Baron Haussmann, the man who radically transformed the capital and gave it its current image, making Paris the most visited city in the world.

Yule log “Pont-Neuf”

Pierre Hermé’s exceptional yule logs collection glorifies the talent of Baron Haussmann, but more specifically one of the most famous monuments in Paris: the Pont-Neuf, the oldest stone bridge in Paris, which was founded at the end of the 16th century.

Yule Log 2022 - Pierre Hermé

Made of dark chocolate with a puffed rice praline, the exceptional “Pont-Neuf” yule log (christmas cake) faithfully reproduces the architecture of the bridge, with its series of short arches, its baskets that once housed stores and its lampposts, magnificent works by Victor Baltard, architect of the old Halles de Paris. Above the bridge, the pastry chefs of Pierre Hermé have placed a majestic building representative of the Haussmann style, an ode to the architecture of Paris.

Yule Log 2022 - Pierre Hermé

Gingerbread and Viennese spice cookies, caramelized puffed rice, creamy caramel with fleur de sel, chocolate and caramel whipped cream.
For 12 persons : 250 €.

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Yule log “Tout-Paris”

The second creation in the collection is the Tout-Paris signature yule log. This one is based on the Haussmannian building found in the exceptional log “Pont-Neuf”.

A faithful reproduction of a typical building of the French capital, with its linear precision, its moldings and cornices, the log is composed of a gingerbread cookie and a Viennese gingerbread cookie. A creamy caramel cream with fleur de sel and crispy caramelized puffed rice grains coated with chocolate complete the yule log for an unexpected gourmet touch.

Yule Log 2022 - Pierre Hermé
Yule Log 2022 - Pierre Hermé

For 12 persons : 120 €.

The exceptional “Pont-Neuf” yule log will only be available on order on December 23 and 24. As for the signature yule log “Tout-Paris”, it will be available from December 19 to 25.
More info : pierreherme.com