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Holzweiler Forages for Fall 2024, Fungi Find Fashion in London

Holzweiler's Fall 2024 menswear forages a different landscape: the hidden world of fungi. Earthy tones, relaxed suiting, and textured knits…

By Duc Tran

Edward Crutchley’s Fall 2024, A Riot of Fabrics and Freedom, Beyond Commercial Concerns

Edward Crutchley throws genre out the window in his Fall 2024 collection, celebrating historical mashups and unbridled creative freedom.

By Duc Tran

Burberry Fall 2024, Rugged Refinement Meets Unexpected Frivolity

Burberry Fall 2024 reimagines heritage with a modern twist. Expect elevated essentials, playful details, and a touch of whimsy, all…

By Duc Tran

Simone Rocha Fall 2024, Where Death Met Desire in a Fashionable Wake

Desire meets mortality in Simone Rocha's Fall 2024. Gothic glamour reigns as corseted bodies and spectral canines paint a haunting…

By Duc Tran

Ahluwalia Fall 2024, A Journey Through Nigerian Mythology in Menswear

Ahluwalia's Fall 2024 reimagines Nigerian folklore through vibrant menswear, with Levi's collaboration adding a sculptural twist.

By Duc Tran

dunhill Fall 2024, A Timeless Tale of Tailoring with a Modern Twist

dunhill's Fall 2024 new collection blends classic tailoring with modern touches. Simon Holloway reimagines heritage for today's gentleman.

By Duc Tran

Gothic Glamour Rules John Alexander Skelton’s Fall 2024 Collection

Candlelight flickered beneath the vaulted ceilings of London's historic St. Bartholomew the Great, casting an ethereal glow on John Alexander…

By Duc Tran

Spring 2024 Sees MAINS Reboot Stirring Attention

The Spring 2024 season promises to be one that will linger in the memory for some time, particularly with the…

By Duc Tran