Spring 2024 Sees MAINS Reboot Stirring Attention

September 20, 2023
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Spring 2024 Sees MAINS Reboot Stirring Attention
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The Spring 2024 season promises to be one that will linger in the memory for some time, particularly with the reboot of MAINS by British grime star Skepta. At a recent preview in his Soho studio, the buzz surrounding the collection was palpable. Skepta, who seemed a bit nervous but resolute, has been committed to reinventing MAINS. Despite a successful career in music and a new venture as a house DJ in Ibiza, his determination to thrive in the fashion world is evident. The artist has been hands-on in the process, from securing partnerships to designing and campaign planning.

MAINS’s journey has been quite eventful since its inception in 2017. Initially backed by a major sportswear brand, Skepta regained sole control after the partnership ended, eventually teaming up with Puma for production assistance and a sneaker collaboration. Despite the hurdles, he managed to keep his creative essence intact. The MAINS logo, for instance, intricately traced in beads and rhinestones by Skepta himself, showcases his dedication to detail and creativity.

Inspired by what Skepta wants to wear now, with a dash of Miami influence from a recent trip, the collection encapsulates “hood luxury.” This term reflects Skepta’s identity struggle – despite his success, he often feels pigeonholed as “that guy from the streets.” To counter this, he combines casual and formal elements, like tracksuits with shirts and ties. The Spring 2024 collection includes 90s-style leather pants, baggy embroidered indigo denim dungarees, school-uniform-style sweaters and shorts, and white bouclé wool suits with a sportswear attitude.

Hosted on a giant Astroturf tennis court in Banking Hall, the show was attended by influential personalities like Naomi Campbell, Matthew Williams, Ozwald Boateng, Stormzy, Little Simz, and Louis Theroux. Alton Mason’s runway appearance, sporting a slouchy suit with Puma sneakers and a metal-tipped umbrella, was a highlight. The positive reaction to the denim and leather looks suggests that MAINS should explore this direction further. Skepta acknowledges that this show is more of a mood setter for the brand, as they are not in a rush to build MAINS into a respected and adored brand.


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