Leica Q2 x Disney “100 Years of Wonder”: A celebration of a revolutionary collaboration

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Leica Q2 x Disney

As two giants in their respective fields, Leica and Disney have long been pushing the boundaries of creativity and innovation. Leica, renowned for its optical instruments, has transformed photography and cinematography, while Disney has captured the imagination of generations with its enchanting animated films. Now, the two industry titans come together in a limited special edition camera: the Leica Q2 x Disney “100 Years of Wonder.” This collaboration celebrates a century of Disney’s awe-inspiring journey and the secret role that Leica played in revolutionizing animation.

Leica Q2 x Disney

Leica’s Impact on Disney’s Animation Techniques

When Walt Disney was just starting in the world of animation, Leica cameras and projectors (formerly known as Leitz) were instrumental in helping him create his sophisticated cartoon storyboards. The collaboration between Disney and Leica birthed a groundbreaking animation technique known as “Leica Reels.” These 35mm film storyboards combined animation and sound to create a precise representation of a sequence’s rhythm, revolutionizing the way animated films were created.

The ‘Leica Reels’ are 35mm film storyboards, animated and projected. This advanced process combines several techniques to align preliminary drawings and the soundtrack to give a very precise idea of the sequence’s rhythm.

Leica Q2 x Disney

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The Leica Q2 x Disney “100 Years of Wonder” Design

The special edition Leica Q2 camera pays homage to Disney’s rich history with a design inspired by a 1937 model sheet from Don Towsley, one of Walt Disney’s famous studio artists. The camera’s top cover is adorned with an iconic Mickey Mouse impression, while the body is encased in an exclusive material reminiscent of the drawing paper used by Disney creators.

Included in this limited edition package is a dust protection pouch featuring original Disney graphics and a special rope strap, making this camera not only a sophisticated tool for photographers, but also a true collector’s item.

Leica Q2 x Disney

The Leica Q2 x Disney “100 Years of Wonder” immediately reveals an evocative imagination: dressed in an exclusive material, it recalls the drawing paper on which Disney creators sketched scenes and characters.

Leica Q2 x Disney

Availability and Pricing

This exquisite collaboration is limited to just 500 units worldwide, with a price tag of 6,200 euros. The Leica Q2 x Disney “100 Years of Wonder” will be available for purchase in Leica stores, on the Leica online store, and through select partner retailers from late April 2023.

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