Hublot appoints Daniel Arsham as its new ambassador

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Hublot x Daniel Arsham

In a groundbreaking fusion of contemporary art and fine watchmaking, Swiss luxury brand Hublot has recently unveiled its latest brand ambassador, renowned American artist Daniel Arsham.

Known for his striking and thought-provoking works across various mediums, Daniel Arsham has long explored the concept of time in his art, making him the ideal collaborator for the prestigious watchmaker.

To commemorate this partnership and the eternal connection between watchmaking, art, and craftsmanship, Arsham will present an ephemeral installation called “Light & Time” at the picturesque Swiss resort of Zermatt. This temporary 20-meter sundial, nestled in the snowy landscape beneath the imposing Matterhorn, will embody the harmony of time and land art using natural elements.

Hublot x Daniel Arsham

Arsham’s outdoor timekeeping masterpiece is a functional work of art, utilizing the shadows cast by a quartz crystal-shaped obelisk to indicate the time in the raked snow. The innovative sundial draws inspiration from the Swiss Alps’ natural elements, with the interplay of snow and light connecting Arsham’s crystallized universe to Hublot’s storied watchmaking heritage.

The artist speaks enthusiastically about his partnership with Hublot, stating, “I have admired its bold approach to watchmaking, design, and craftsmanship. The Art of Fusion remains one of the most brilliant projects in this field.” He expresses his excitement to join the Hublot family and his eagerness to bring the Hublot x Daniel Arsham dial project to life in Zermatt.

This year marks an important milestone for Daniel Arsham, celebrating two decades since he first received the Gelman Trust Fellowship and the GNMH Prize, which propelled him into the world of art. With a resume that includes exhibitions in major cities worldwide and collaborations with illustrious names in fashion and design, Arsham has firmly established himself as an influential force in contemporary art.

Hublot x Daniel Arsham

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Ricardo Guadalupe, CEO of Hublot, shares in the excitement, saying, “Daniel Arsham is one of the most exciting creative talents in the world of contemporary art, and we are thrilled to welcome him to the Hublot family.” The synergy between Arsham’s revolutionary works and Hublot’s innovative approach to creation will undoubtedly result in a fruitful collaboration.

The picturesque town of Zermatt has a long-standing connection with Hublot, making it the perfect location to launch this exciting partnership. Hublot’s boutique in Zermatt boasts wooden chalet-style facades, and the resort proudly features the brand’s signature clocks and high-speed HublotExpress ski lifts. Since 2017, Hublot has released four limited-edition watches celebrating the enduring bond between the brand and Zermatt.

Arsham’s addition to the Hublot ambassador family reinforces the company’s commitment to the art world, which was celebrated in 2021 with the 10-year anniversary of Hublot Loves Art. The artist joins a distinguished lineup of celebrities and creative minds, including Richard Orlinski, Takashi Murakami, Maxime Plescia-Büchi, Lang Lang, and Samuel Ross, all united in their passion for the intersection of art and innovation.

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