Hublot Big Bang Black Ceramic Rabbit, an artistic watchmaking masterpiece to celebrate the year of the Rabbit

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Hublot Big Bang Black Ceramic Rabbit

As the Lunar New Year approaches, Swiss luxury watchmaker Hublot has partnered with Chinese artist Wen Na to create a Hublot Big Bang, a unique and striking artwork that celebrates the upcoming Year of the Rabbit.

The painting, entitled “Spirit of Big Bang Black Ceramic Rabbit“, is a fusion of traditional Chinese culture and contemporary haute horlogerie.

Wen Na visualized the 12 double-hours from the ancient Chinese calendar of Heavenly Stems and Earthly Branches and combined them with traditional elements of the Lunar New Year, such as lanterns, firecrackers, and lion dances. The result is a captivating painting that captures the wonder and excitement of the new year and brings to life the traditional customs associated with the Lunar New Year. The scene depicts a prosperous and vigorous Year of the Rabbit, conveying the atmosphere of an occasion for family reunion.

Hublot Big Bang Black Ceramic Rabbit

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In traditional Chinese culture, the rabbit is considered sacred and auspicious, and the Year of the Rabbit 2023 is therefore recognized as “the lucky year.” Hublot wanted to give the artist the opportunity to celebrate this Lunar New Year in her unique artistic language. Wen Na used her unbridled imagination to visualize the 12 double-hours in an intriguing way, depicting a group of charming and naive rabbits indulging in various traditional Chinese activities, such as dragon and lion dances, installing or changing door gods, hanging festive lanterns, and giving and receiving red packets.

Hublot Big Bang Black Ceramic Rabbit

Wen Na also gave the rabbits a more modern look by presenting them in a playful style. While staying true to the theme of the Year of the Rabbit and the quintessence of traditional Chinese culture, she recreated amusing rabbits in an artistic way at different double-hours, injecting fresh vitality into the new year and interpreting Hublot‘s innovative and pioneering spirit of “be different”.

The Hublot Big Bang Black Ceramic Rabbit is a unique and striking timepiece to celebrate the upcoming Lunar New Year and the Year of the Rabbit. The watch features a festive scene on the dial, rendered with exquisite craftsmanship and depicting playful rabbits at different double-hours. The brand’s artisans use a variety of brushes to paint the dial, with some details presented in hair-thin fine strokes. Each hand-painted dial is created through a complicated process that takes over 40 hours and is different from the others, making each piece a unique and one-of-a-kind artwork that showcases the brand’s exceptional watchmaking expertise.

Hublot Big Bang Black Ceramic Rabbit

The representation of hour markers on the dial adopts an artistic expression that derives from the traditional twelve Earthly Branches, representing a tribute to the deep Chinese culture and the brand’s efforts to take its pioneering philosophy of fusion to new heights. This timepiece features the tonneau-shaped case, a characteristic design code of the Spirit of Big Bang collection of the brand and incorporates all the classic design elements of Big Bang watches, such as the six H-shaped screws on the bezel, the lugs either side of the case, the over-moulded rubber screw-down crown decorated with the iconic H, and the sandwich type construction.

Hublot Big Bang Black Ceramic Rabbit

Additionally, the Big Bang Black Ceramic Rabbit is made of black ceramic to provide a perfect contrast with the gorgeous image on the dial where rabbits are celebrating the Lunar New Year. Housed within the 42mm-diameter case is the HUB1710 self-winding movement with a 50-hour power reserve. This timepiece is a perfect blend of traditional Chinese culture and contemporary Haute Horlogerie, embodying the spirit of the Lunar New Year and the Year of the Rabbit in a unique and captivating way.

This masterpiece of watchmaking is available only in 12 copies in the world, at the price of $40,000 USD.

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