Daniel Arsham Reimagines The Legacy for Moët & Chandon’s 280th Anniversary

Moët & Chandon collaborates with artist Daniel Arsham, blending traditional winemaking with modern artistry to celebrate its 280th anniversary, unveiling the intricate Imperial Collection Creation N°1 and limited edition artistic collectibles.
October 10, 2023
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Daniel Arsham Reimagines The Legacy for Moët & Chandon’s 280th Anniversary
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A serene embrace of innovation and tradition unfolds as Moët & Chandon unveils a unique artistic collaboration with famed contemporary creator, Daniel Arsham. This unveiling heralds a celebration of the 280th anniversary of the House, an occasion harmonizing the grandeur of time-honored winemaking crafts with the vivacity of modern artistry.

The creation, named Imperial Collection Creation N°1, is a testament to the House’s esteemed lineage and the deft touch of Arsham. “Daniel’s vision of Moët & Chandon’s legacy captures our history and our craft,” shares Benoît Gouez, the distinguished Moët & Chandon’s Cellar Master.

Daniel Arsham Reimagines The Legacy for Moët & Chandon’s 280th Anniversary

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Arsham, revered for his ability to weave elements of the past, present, and future, marries his distinct aesthetic with the time-honored traditions of the champagne house. He navigates the realms of these distinct epochs, not just with grace but with an adept understanding of their intrinsic connections, forged by the ceaseless hands of time. His expertise resonates with the House’s centuries-old wine knowledge, painting a tableau where art and winemaking converge, intertwining and unfolding like vines in a dance of celebration.


A visit to the storied Moët & Chandon estate in Epernay inspired the artist’s creation—a testament to the indomitable spirit of winemaking that has graced these hallowed halls for centuries. The allure of the estate, adorned by the delicate touch of Félix Gaudin’s stained glass window, kindled the flames of Daniel Arsham’s inspiration, sparking a journey into a world where the classical and contemporary meld.

Daniel Arsham Reimagines The Legacy for Moët & Chandon’s 280th Anniversary

Through the eyes of Arsham, a modern tapestry is woven, illuminating the illustrious heritage of Moët & Chandon. The artist’s deft touch carves imagery echoing the sprawling vines, the architectural majesty of Château de Saran, and the winemaking artistry signified by the wooden wine barrel.

I realized how nuanced the champagne-making process is,” reflects Arsham, his insight delving into the selecting, raising, and assembling the vintages—a harmonious ballet that mirrors his artistic composition.

Moët & Chandon, with the tender care that only centuries of mastery can bestow, and Arsham, with his contemporary yet timeless touch, introduce the world to a champagne infused with the essence of the House’s legacy and the fresh breath of modern artistry. Together, they not only celebrate 280 years of Moët & Chandon but herald the dawn of an era where the old and new walk hand in hand, where the elegance of tradition dances with the vibrant energy of tomorrow. The Imperial Collection Creation N°1, available from December 2023 priced at 210 euros, and Arsham’s limited edition collectibles, starting from 25,000 euros, are not mere creations—they are portals to a world where every sip and glance tell tales of history, craftsmanship, and the unyielding march of time.

© Photos: Moët & Chandon

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