BMW iX2 Meets Fortnite in Hypnopolis

BMW partners with Epic Games, integrating the new BMW iX2 into Fortnite's "Hypnopolis." This collaboration merges virtual gaming and automotive innovation, offering an immersive, interactive experience for the next generation of tech enthusiasts.
October 10, 2023
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BMW iX2 Meets Fortnite in Hypnopolis
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Picture this – a gaming experience so immersive, it not only takes you on an adrenaline-fueled journey but also lets you explore and interact with BMW’s futuristic automotive creations. This isn’t the realm of science fiction, but a gripping reality ushered in by the collaboration between BMW and Epic Games, the developers behind the wildly popular online video game, Fortnite.

At the heart of this partnership lies “Hypnopolis,” a virtual city of the future, teeming with the architectural magnificence synonymous with BMW – a city where players encounter various challenges centered around the new BMW iX2 compact crossover. It’s a visionary integration of technology and nature, an exemplification of BMW’s sustainable vision, unearthing an intersection where the digital and physical worlds converge.

BMW iX2 Meets Fortnite in Hypnopolis

Stefan Ponikva, Vice President of BMW Brand Communication and Brand Experience, articulates this synthesis, stating, “We design creative interactions and individual experiences that reflect BMW’s innovative power in the digital world. Our island in Fortnite opens up new dialogue opportunities with Next Gen target groups and brings the brand to life in the hands of the players.

Players stepping into the vibrant world of “Hypnopolis” – the Island Code to enter “Hypnopolis” is: 3541-0917-2429 – are not mere observers but active participants. They engage with the Car Creator, a pioneering feature that elevates the gaming experience, offering gamers an unprecedented chance to customize the BMW iX2 to their liking.


When the enigmatic island of “Hypnopolis” made its grand debut, the BMW iX2 was initially showcased in a prototype disguise, veiling the full spectacle of its design. However, post-launch, gamers were graced with an expansive array of series paint finishes, rims, and interior options, marking BMW’s audacious steps in blending automotive innovation with immersive gaming.

Beyond the enthralling confines of “Hypnopolis” and Fortnite, BMW is unearthing avenues where virtual experiences amplify the customer journey. Initiatives like the BMW Group Supplierthon 2023 spotlight the automaker’s commitment to innovation, where brilliant minds from across the globe converge, unveiling transformative concepts in vehicle readiness, in-car experience, and virtual ecosystems.

BMW isn’t just redefining automotive experiences; it’s extending its innovative reach into virtual work platforms and digital twins of its manufacturing plants. The holistic strategy underscores a trifecta of pillars including Corporate Metaverse, Commercial Metaverse, and In-Car Metaverse, each weaving technology and innovation into the fabric of the customer experience.

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