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Mellerio’s craftsmanship revealed in the legendary Roland-Garros trophies

The Roland-Garros champion's trophy, the Coupe des Mousquetaires, is crafted by Mellerio, the world's oldest jeweler. This silver trophy is…

By Olivier Delavande

Lexus Unveils “Time” at Milan Design Week 2024, A Glimpse into the Future of Human-Centered Design

Lexus showcases "Time" at Milan Design Week, featuring interactive design installations exploring the future of human-centered mobility and sustainable technology.

By Olivier Delavande

Paris 2024 Unveils Olympic and Paralympic Surreal Games Posters

Paris 2024's official posters by Ugo Gattoni are dreamlike cityscapes. They combine Parisian landmarks with global sports scenes, promoting inclusivity…

By Olivier Delavande

Chaumet & Paris 2024 Unveil Medals for The Olympic and Paralympic Games

The 2024 Olympic & Paralympic medals by Chaumet - a fusion of history, innovation, and Parisian magic. A piece of…

By Olivier Delavande

Spice Up Your Mail: Royal Mail Honors Girl Power with Spice Girls Stamps

Remember the infectious bubblegum pop tunes, the electrifying stage presence and the unforgettable platform boots? Prepare to relive the 90s…

By Olivier Delavande

Kunstsilo, A Monumental New Museum For Nordic Modern Art, opens Its Doors In Norway in May 2024

On the shores of Kristiansand, Norway, a titan of the art world prepares to awaken. Kunstsilo, a meticulously restored grain…

By Olivier Delavande

Ras Al Khaimah Rings in 2024 with Two Guinness World Records-Shattering Spectacles

Forget the predictable champagne fizz - Ras Al Khaimah welcomed 2024 with a pyrotechnic punch to the gut, etching its…

By Olivier Delavande

Stefano Boeri Architetti Designs A Verdant Sanctuary Ascends For The Ramagrama Stupa

Nestled amidst the verdant plains of Nepal, the Ramagrama Stupa stands as a silent sentinel, its earthen mound cradling relics…

By Olivier Delavande