Dior Men - Fall-Winter 2023 - Paris Fashion Week Men's

DIOR Men – Fall/Winter 2023-2024 – Paris Fashion Week

January 26, 2023
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The cycle of a fashion house is much like the cycle of fashion itself: a constant state of regeneration and rejuvenation. As in literature, imagery, and themes, the past is always present in the present and future, and DIOR is no different. In the latest collection, DIOR Men‘s artistic director, Kim Jones, sought to explore the regeneration of the house after the death of Christian Dior and its rejuvenation under the direction of Yves Saint Laurent, DIOR‘s chosen heir.

The collection draws inspiration from the rivers Thames and Seine, which serve as both literary motifs for T.S. Eliot and living inspiration for Jones. The ancient flow of history and mutability through the regenerating and rejuvenating waters of these rivers serves as a metaphor for the constant movement and change in fashion.

65 years ago, on January 30th, 1958, Yves Saint Laurent presented his debut collection for DIOR, forever changing the fashion world. The collection was heavily influenced by the Spring/Summer ’58 collection, with a blending of masculine and feminine styles and British tailoring traditions meeting those of haute couture. The collection exudes movement, modernity, practicality, and ease, with a streamlining of excess towards a fusion of the formal and the casual.

Silhouettes are softened, curved, and malleable, while clothing is hybridized and transformed, with the agency of the wearer. Garments are taken directly from the archive, transposed and transformed to create a new look. The traditional vernacular of knits is subverted through a sculptural approach to styling and draping, resulting in a collection that is both precise and complex, yet effortless in appearance.


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