Austin Butler Steps Into Yves Saint Laurent Beauty’s New Era with MYSLF

August 9, 2023
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Austin Butler Steps Into Yves Saint Laurent Beauty's New Era with MYSLF
© Photo: Gray Sorrenti - YSL Beauty
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Austin Butler’s meteoric rise in Hollywood isn’t the only aspect of his career garnering attention these days. The charismatic actor, known for his roles in iconic films directed by the likes of Quentin Tarantino and Baz Luhrmann, now finds himself at the center of a new campaign by one of the world’s most renowned luxury beauty brands, Yves Saint Laurent Beauty.

When Yves Saint Laurent Beauty approached me about their new fragrance, MYSLF, I was overwhelmed with a sense of honor,” shared Austin Butler. This sentiment isn’t just about aligning with any brand, but rather the legacy Yves Saint Laurent left behind. With its first fragrance launched in 1964, Butler acknowledges the weight of history he’s now a part of.

For those who’ve been fortunate enough to get to know the man behind the legend, M. Saint Laurent was much more than a designer. He shattered conventions and labels. “He broke through labels. He was a rebel, and I love that about him,” Austin Butler stated. As a professional who has worked with cinematic visionaries and is set to star in anticipated projects like Jeff Nichols’ “Bikeriders” and Denis Villeneuve’s “Dune: Part Two,” Butler himself is no stranger to breaking boundaries.

Austin Butler Steps Into Yves Saint Laurent Beauty's New Era with MYSLF
© Photo: Gray Sorrenti – YSL Beauty

And this is precisely where “MYSLF” steps in, six years after Yves Saint Laurent Beauty introduced “Y for men.” The brand’s international general manager, Stephan Bezy, expressed the fragrance’s commitment to Gen Z, a generation he describes as undergoing significant tensions, especially when it comes to redefining masculinity. The days of confining roles are evolving towards a more gender-fluid and self-expressive era. As Bezy emphasized, this generation is more about the “who am I?” than the “what do I have?


Interestingly, the brand’s exhaustive research (based on 4,000-plus interviews conducted over three years) has highlighted Gen Z’s gravitation towards self-exploration. Yves Saint Laurent’s renowned quote aligns perfectly with this sentiment: “I’ve understood that the most important encounter in life was the encounter with myself.” Consequently, “MYSLF” isn’t just a name but an ode to individuality, encapsulating “YSL” within, playfully suggesting “MY YSL.

Givaudan perfumers, including the talented Daniela Andrier, Christophe Raynaud, and Antoine Maisondieu, crafted the scent to embody this very essence of evolving masculinity. With a top note introducing the fresh essence from Calabria, Italy, a heart note enriched by Tunisian orange blossom, and a base that delves into Indonesian patchouli heart note, the fragrance is a journey in itself.

Austin Butler Steps Into Yves Saint Laurent Beauty's New Era with MYSLF
© Photo: Gray Sorrenti – YSL Beauty

Yet, the campaign isn’t just about scent. Suzanne Dalton’s bottle design, a lacquered black rectangle that gracefully transitions into transparency, is another piece of art. The brand, emphasizing sustainability, has created this bottle with a refillable design, crafted from recycled glass, and even its outer packaging is recyclable.

The fragrance‘s introduction into the market will undoubtedly amplify Yves Saint Laurent Beauty’s success in the beauty world. With “MYSLF” expected to add substantially to the brand’s revenues, the company already witnessed impressive growth in 2022, emerging as the third-ranking prestige fragrance brand globally.

Stephan Bezy rightly identifies the change in fragrance usage patterns. Perfumes are less about social outings and more about personal experiences now. Riding this trend, YSL Beauty’s success stories aren’t limited to fragrances. Their makeup and skincare ranges, like the “Libre” women’s fragrance and YSL Beauty’s “Pure Shots,” have resonated well across various markets, especially in regions like China.

“MYSLF” is not just another fragrance. It’s a statement, an evolution, and a celebration of individuality and self-expression. As Austin Butler steps into this new chapter with Yves Saint Laurent Beauty, one thing is clear: the world of beauty and fragrance is witnessing a transformative era, and we’re all here for it.

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