Think Twice Before Buying an iPhone Now

August 30, 2023
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Think Twice Before Buying an iPhone Now
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The heat of summer invariably brings with it a sizzling question in the tech world, “When’s the new iPhone launching?” As speculations about Apple’s latest offering reaches its annual peak, potential buyers eagerly search for answers on whether to invest in a fresh device or play the waiting game a little longer.

Why You Should Hold That iPhone Purchase

Despite the absence of an official confirmation from Apple about their anticipated fall event, the trajectory of past trends and credible intel hint that iPhone 15 is poised for a September debut. If you’re battling the urge to rush to the Apple Store right now, here’s a word of advice – exercise patience, even if your present phone feels ancient.

A recent forecast from Bloomberg, a reliable source when it comes to predicting Apple’s moves, hints at a mid-September date for the event. The report goes on to detail the line-up of four new iPhones – iPhone 15, 15 Plus, 15 Pro, and 15 Pro Max. Notably, it’s not just about minor upgrades; we’re talking about substantial changes. The switch from Lightning to USB-C charging stands out, and whispers about a new titanium design for the 15 Pro and Pro Max are already turning heads.

The Wallet Perspective

Beyond the allure of the new, there’s the question of the wallet. Every iPhone’s arrival ushers in a drop in its predecessor’s price. For instance, iPhone 12 is now available at $200 less than its original price, while the iPhone 13 is a cool $100 cheaper. Post the iPhone 15 launch, it’s safe to assume that iPhone 14 will be friendlier to your pocket, with additional discounts from third-party retailers sweetening the deal even more.


Looking at savings from another angle, the telecom giants have a history of rolling out lucrative trade-in offers upon every iPhone launch. Loyalty switches could even fetch you a brand-new iPhone for next to nothing!

Breathing Life Into Your Current iPhone

Suppose you’re grappling with a dying iPhone right now. Fear not! There are a couple of lifelines you can throw at it.

Update your iOS: Stalling software updates can result in lagging and frequent app crashes. Moving to the latest version can not only rejuvenate your phone’s performance but also bring onboard new features and vital security patches.

Battery Health Check: If your device gives up before the day concludes, inspect its battery health under the Settings. A degraded battery can be replaced, ensuring you aren’t rushing into a new purchase merely due to battery woes.

Declutter for Space: Burgeoning storage issues? Delve into the iPhone Storage section under General settings. From redundant media to forgotten apps, cleaning up can give your device a fresh lease on life. Employ features like auto-deleting old conversations or offloading rarely-used apps to make space.

Mend that Screen: Cracked screens are a clear deterrent in trade-in deals. Getting it fixed can boost your phone’s trade-in value. While Apple provides repair services, several third-party outlets offer the same at lower prices. However, venturing outside Apple could void any warranty or coverage.

If you’re on the fence about procuring a new iPhone, just give it a few more weeks. And for those who eventually decide to take the plunge, investing in protective accessories is a wise call. Remember, the art of saving starts with safeguarding your prized possessions.

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