Scoop: AirPods could have had colors!

June 1, 2023
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AirPods Colors
Illustration not representative of reality

In the realm of personal audio, Apple AirPods have always maintained a distinct personality, with their crisp, white aesthetic and iconic design. But what if there was more than meets the eye, with a vibrant palette of colors that never saw the light of day?

Reliable insider sources, previously known for leaking the details about the new MagSafe charger, have recently unveiled startling revelations about Apple’s initial vision for their flagship wireless earbuds. During the early development stages of the first-generation AirPods, Apple had reportedly planned to introduce seven unique color variants, only to abandon the idea at the eleventh hour. The precise reasons behind this sudden shift remain shrouded in mystery, reminiscent of the ill-fated AirPower wireless charging mat debacle that experienced an abrupt cancellation due to overheating issues.

Apple’s initial plans for the AirPods, dating back to 2016, are reported to include not just the universally recognizable white variant, but also gold, pink, silver, two distinct blacks, and a vivid red. These color choices bear a striking resemblance to the color palette of the iPhone 7, which was contemporaneously released, leading one to speculate about an intended symbiosis between the two product lines.

Despite these initial plans, the diverse range of colored AirPods never made their public debut. It’s worth pondering why Apple has not revived this concept, given the potential appeal of non-white AirPods among Apple enthusiasts and fashion-conscious individuals. Many competitors, including the likes of Google, Samsung, and Sony, already offer a myriad of colors in their wireless earbud product lines.


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The revelation about the colorful AirPods wasn’t the only leak from the well-placed source. A purported image of an unreleased iPhone 7 prototype also came to light. This prototype is unique for two reasons – an unusually placed speaker at the top of the device, contrary to the standard position next to the Lightning port, and a flash that diverges from the standard equipped models. Another intriguing aspect is the phone’s unusual purple color, a variant that never reached the consumer market.

The origins of these previously unseen products and the motivation behind their non-release remain an enigma. However, these revelations give us a fascinating glimpse into the exploratory product design efforts at Apple, and serve as a tantalizing hint of what could still be on the horizon. As the tech behemoth continues to innovate and push boundaries, who knows what surprises may lie in store for Apple aficionados in the years to come?

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