The Nike Air Force 1 Reimagined: Jacquemus & Nike Unveil the J Force 1

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Jacquemus x Nike Air Force 1 - J Force 1

Building on the success of their previous collaboration, JACQUEMUS and Nike are back, revisiting the iconic Nike Air Force 1 and proving that their creative synergy continues to push boundaries.

From the influential minds of French fashion house JACQUEMUS and the iconic American sportswear brand Nike comes a reimagined sneaker that blends timeless style with innovative design: the J Force 1.

Previously, JACQUEMUS and Nike had stirred up the fashion industry with a capsule collection in December, that saw an array of apparel and accessories tinted in hues of natural and pink tones. The cherry on top was undoubtedly the redesigned Nike Humara, a personal favourite of designer Simon Porte Jacquemus, enhanced in a palette of pink, beige, and brown. Embodying a versatility that appealed to both sports and leisure wearers, this collection garnered a whopping half a million visitors to the brand’s website on the first day of its online launch. An achievement that encouraged them to once again challenge the norms of design, this time targeting the legendary Air Force 1.

Jacquemus x Nike Air Force 1 - J Force 1

Breathe in the air of summer 2023, and the J Force 1 emerges as a revitalised model of this classic sneaker. Regardless of the season, this iteration is sure to capture the attention of fashion enthusiasts everywhere. Taking the original silhouette, JACQUEMUS and Nike have infused the shoe with unique features, such as a diminutive metallic swoosh and a creatively woven lace that gives the impression of being intertwined within the sneaker, also serving as an anchor for the revised grooved sole.

Jacquemus x Nike Air Force 1 - J Force 1

In a recent press release, Simon Porte Jacquemus shared his vision for the new design, stating, “I have always wanted to work on the Air Force 1, which for me is one of the most iconic Nike shoes, with a more chic and soft look…I liked the idea of splitting the shoe in half and creating a puzzle on its unique assembly.” His ambition to revisit this iconic pair with a minimalist and chic perspective is clear in the J Force 1, as it marries the idea of an elegant city shoe with a nod to climbing shoes’ functionality, particularly the Nike Terra Ci ACG, a collection Jacquemus has been accumulating for years.

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Jacquemus x Nike Air Force 1 - J Force 1
Jacquemus x Nike Air Force 1 - J Force 1
Jacquemus x Nike Air Force 1 - J Force 1

But don’t rush to your devices just yet. Patience will be a virtue for eager fans as the J Force 1 will only be available on JACQUEMUS.com from June 13th, with a later release in select Nike stores on June 20th.

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