Furlan Marri’s Leap into the Future with Secular Perpetual Calendar, Pièce Unique For Only Watch 2023

August 30, 2023
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Furlan Marri's Leap into the Future with Secular Perpetual Calendar, Pièce Unique For Only Watch 2023
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In the intricate world of horology, where time is both an art and a science, the Only Watch 2023 event unveils a masterpiece that stands out. The collaboration between the young and dynamic Furlan Marri and the seasoned watchmakers Dominique Renaud and Julien Tixier has birthed an ultra-simplified, modular secular perpetual calendar. This is not just a timepiece; it’s a testament to the relentless pursuit of precision and innovation.

The secular perpetual calendar is a marvel in the watchmaking realm. Unlike the classic perpetual calendar, which requires adjustments every 100 years, the secular version accounts for both leap and secular years, demanding a single adjustment once every 400 years. Imagine a timepiece that can seamlessly transition from February 28th, 2100, to March 1st, 2100, recognizing the nuances of our Gregorian calendar. This is the genius of Furlan Marri’s creation for Only Watch 2023.

The journey of this timepiece is as fascinating as its mechanics. Furlan Marri’s co-founders, Andrea Furlan and Hamad Al Marri, embarked on this adventure not just for the love of horology but also to share a human story. Their encounters, the savoir-faire, and the passion behind every tick of their watches are what they wish to convey.

Furlan Marri's Leap into the Future with Secular Perpetual Calendar, Pièce Unique For Only Watch 2023

Dominique Renaud, with his vast experience, and Julien Tixier, always brimming with fresh ideas, have reimagined the secular perpetual calendar. Their combined expertise has resulted in a timepiece that balances the charm of classic complications with the innovations of modern research and development. Their previous collaboration, the ‘Tempus Fugit’ timepiece, was a poetic and technical masterpiece, calculating time over the next 10,000 years. This same spirit of innovation is evident in their latest creation.


The secular perpetual calendar, despite its complexity, was designed with simplicity at its core. Both Renaud and Tixier worked tirelessly, letting their imaginations roam free, to bring this concept to life. Their workshops, nestled in the heart of the Vallée de Joux in the Swiss Jura Mountains, became the birthplace of this unique timepiece. Their approach to design, which involves sketching ideas on paper and then turning them into tangible models, is reminiscent of the traditional watchmaking methods.

The movement of this watch is a marvel in itself. Simplifying the secular perpetual calendar has not only made it more reliable but also user-friendly. The interface is intuitive, with a single corrector ring that can adjust the entire calendar in either direction. This design ensures that there’s no risk of damaging the movement during adjustments. Furthermore, the legibility of the dial, with months displayed around it and two openworked sub-counters, adds to the watch’s aesthetic appeal.

Furlan Marri's Leap into the Future with Secular Perpetual Calendar, Pièce Unique For Only Watch 2023

The craftsmanship doesn’t end with the movement. The case, lugs, and oscillating weight are all handcrafted, reflecting genuine artistry. The bracelet, a silver Milanese mesh, is entirely handcrafted by Laurent Jolliet, one of the last chainmakers in Europe. This “fabric bracelet” is so finely made that it feels like the softest cloth against the skin.

In Dominique Renaud’s words, “Sometimes, simplifying something complex can be quite complicated.” This statement encapsulates the essence of Furlan Marri‘s secular perpetual calendar. It’s a revolutionary timepiece, simple in its design but intricate in its mechanics.

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