Breton Yachtsman Éric Péron Becomes Alpina’s Ambassador

Alpina collaborates with yachtsman Éric Péron until 2027, merging watchmaking precision with sailing expertise. Their shared values emphasize challenge, outdoor passion, and accuracy.
October 24, 2023
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Breton Yachtsman Éric Péron Becomes Alpina's Ambassador
© Photo: Alpina
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When it comes to combining precision watchmaking and world-class yachting, it’s impossible to ignore the partnership between Alpina and Éric Péron. Their collaboration until 2027 brings together two giants, one from the world of watchmaking and the other from the world of yachting.

Éric Péron’s insights into his demanding profession are clear. “You have to know how to handle complex, extreme, and dangerous situations,” says Péron. For him, this sums up the essence of his career. During nerve-wracking moments at sea, he relies heavily on his experience and his high-quality equipment, especially his watch. As Péron says, “time is of the essence in every sense of the expression.” It’s not just about keeping track of hours, minutes and seconds, but about making crucial decisions based on accurate timing.

Breton Yachtsman Éric Péron Becomes Alpina's Ambassador
© Photo: Epron Zedda

Alpina‘s choice to work with Péron came as no surprise. The brand’s origins date back to 1883, with a foundation built by mountaineers who appreciated the essence of teamwork and the spirit of “roped together“. Alpina and Péron share similar values: a love of challenge, a passion for outdoor sports and an emphasis on the importance of human endeavor.

Alpina’s timepieces have always been designed with durability in mind. Features such as shock-absorbing, non-magnetic, water-resistant and stainless steel are paramount. For someone like Péron, who constantly battles the corrosive nature of the sea and the physical demands of sailing, these features are essential. In particular, Alpina’s Seastrong collection, which has its roots in marine watches from the 1960s, provides the necessary robustness for oceanic challenges.


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It was this heritage and commitment to quality that drew Péron to Alpina. The watches, much like the evolving designs of monohulls and multihulls, have seen significant advancements. Now, in this partnership, these two worlds come together with the goal of setting new milestones.

Éric Péron comments: “I love wide open spaces, whether it’s the open sea – my own sporting realm – or the mountains, Alpina’s home ground.” This partnership was more than just a collaboration; it was about shared values and visions. The mindset of both Péron and Alpina revolves around innovation, adventure and pioneering. “Partnering with Alpina really makes sense for me,” he adds.

Further delving into the intricacies of his profession, Péron emphasizes the importance of a strong bond between man and equipment. He points out that it is essential to know every system on board. For Péron, accuracy and timing are paramount. This reflects the essence of Alpina’s watchmaking expertise.

This union between Alpina and Éric Péron goes beyond sponsorship. It’s a fusion of shared passions and ambitions. Both companies understand the weight of the moment and the trust placed in their equipment, from the vastness of the ocean to the precision of a timepiece’s ticking seconds hand. As the helmsman aptly puts it, “I love working in the climate of trust all that provides.”

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