Y-3 Spring/Summer 2024 Collection Raises the Bar And Revolutionize Sportswear

July 1, 2023
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Y-3 - Spring-Summer 2024

Imagine a world where sportswear and couture effortlessly meld, creating an aesthetic that transcends traditional boundaries of fashion. Welcome to the realm of Y-3‘s Spring/Summer 2024 collection, the embodiment of refined sporty chic. The creative genius of Yohji Yamamoto and adidas once again delivered a collection that is anything but ordinary, challenging the conventions of athletic wear.

Yamamoto and adidas are a match seemingly made in fashion heaven. For over two decades, this artistic fusion of the legendary fashion designer, a self-proclaimed hater of mainstream fashion, and the globally renowned sports brand has been revolutionizing the fashion landscape. Stefano Pierre Beruschi, head of design at adidas collaborations and partnership, offers an insightful perspective: “It’s merging two worlds: the artisanal anti-beauty and our sports-influenced universe.”

This season’s Y-3 collection drew its inspiration from an intriguing concept: the contra-natural. The design premise underpinning this collection is akin to a dance within the paradox of technologically advanced materials and effortless chic. The duality of elements is embodied in the blend of organic fabrics and recycled synthetic materials.

One cannot help but marvel at the iconic long yellow silk dress with synthetic black linear details. This piece showcases the play of the organic and artificial, with its color transforming due to the use of rust dye. This collection boldly steps away from traditional athletic gear. Instead, it presents powerfully distinct silhouettes – an asymmetrical cotton drill canvas cargo jacket, garments crafted from adidas’ lightweight Adizero materials, and even a roomy black parka with vantablack details, to name a few.


Beruschi labels this collection “sportswear-couture,” an apt description of the transformative styles on display. The elements of adidas’ signature Adibreak Snap Track Pant intertwine with the formal aesthetics of martial art pants. Snapped, the Y-3 rendition appears pleated; unsnapped, it takes on the fluidity of a skirt. This versatility manifests in another piece, an asymmetric light wool skirt featuring the iconic three adidas stripes.

Even the footwear in this Y-3 collection offers a cheeky nod to the world of sneakers. A particular model boasts a thick, brick-like sole, slyly referencing the term “brick” used for shoes that sit unsold on the shelves.

The Y-3 Spring/Summer 2024 collection is no mere update on athleisure – it’s a bold new vision of sporty fashion, a celebration of the innovative partnership between Yoji Yamamoto and adidas. Elevating sportswear to new heights, Y-3 continues to redefine what’s possible in the realm of fashion.

Y-3 - Spring-Summer 2024
Y-3 - Spring-Summer 2024
Y-3 - Spring-Summer 2024

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