Warner Bros. Discovery Ponders Introducing Sports Content to Amplify MAX Service

August 4, 2023
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Warner Bros. Discovery Ponders Introducing Sports Content to Amplify MAX Service
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The streaming industry is abuzz with news that Warner Bros. Discovery Inc. contemplates bringing the thrill of live sports to their Max service. In a quest to enhance the MAX streaming experience, the media conglomerate is likely to append a costlier sports tier to their service that could host high-octane basketball, hockey, and other sports events. Though the venture promises revenue growth, it also dares to defy the “no extra charge” policy of rivals in sports streaming, potentially leading to a seismic shift in industry norms.

Warner Bros. Discovery is currently navigating through the finer nuances of integrating Major League Baseball (MLB), National Hockey League (NHL), and National Basketball Association (NBA) games into the MAX service. The recent relaunch of the platform in May has apparently presented a viable opportunity to transform their digital capabilities.

David Zaslav, the CEO of Warner Bros. Discovery, revealed the company’s near-future strategy during an investor’s call. “We’re in the final stages of crafting our plans to place sports on MAX. We possess substantial digital rights within the US that remain unutilized but we’re planning to deploy them soon. This can create a significant strategic value,” stated Zaslav.

As one of the industry leaders with an expansive sports portfolio, Warner Bros. Discovery commands an impressive presence across American sports broadcasting. They air noteworthy events like the NBA, MLB, NHL, and the highly followed March Madness college basketball tournament. The firm is currently ironing out details with NBA for renewing its media rights.


Another significant feature is that Warner Bros. Discovery holds the rights for simulcasting baseball and hockey on MAX. This implies that fans could enjoy the thrill of these games on the MAX platform and their cable channels, such as TNT and TBS, at the same time.

JB Perrette, the head of streaming at Warner Bros. Discovery, discussed the potential monetization strategy in the call. “In our opinion, sports is a premier offering that appeals to a passionate and dedicated fan base. It necessitates incremental monetization, to put it subtly,” mentioned Perrette.

Interestingly, the firm has adopted distinct models across different global regions. In the UK, for instance, they’ve opted for a higher-priced tier for sports content. Discovery+ basic subscription costs £4 ($5) per month, while the premium tier that includes Premier League soccer, rugby, UFC, and WWE wrestling is priced at £30 ($38) a month. However, in certain Latin American regions, sports broadcasts come at no additional costs to subscribers.

At present, MAX is priced at $10 per month with advertisements, and $16 for an ad-free experience in the US. Earlier this year, the platform started streaming some live US soccer matches, thus highlighting its capability to host live content.

According to Zaslav, “The platform now has full capability to deliver live programming.” This development is a clear indication that Warner Bros. Discovery is not only ready to step up its game but is also poised to change the landscape of the sports streaming world.

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