WALES BONNER Spring/Summer 2024, The Saga of Harmonies of Movement

June 25, 2023
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Wales Bonner - Spring-Summer 2024 - Paris Fashion Week

As the new day dawned, the ever-evolving rhythm of fashion bore witness to an inspiring event—WALES BONNER Spring/Summer 2024 collection, a love letter to persistence, inspired by the legendary long-distance runners of Ethiopia and Kenya. Herein lies a journey that goes beyond the limits of physical realms, reaching deep into the corridors of the soul.

The collection, a hymn to eternal quests and life’s odysseys, adopts a holistic approach. It champions not only the end product but the journey taken, reverberating with the echoes of handcrafting techniques passed down through generations. Delicately crafted Tibeb fabric, woven by artisans in Addis Ababa, binds precious moments in every stitch, while the raffia hand-embroidered on skirts and vests adds an untamed dimension to the collection.

As we peel back the layers, we find that every detail matters. Macrame net vests and skirts, bedecked with Ghanaian artisanal glass beads and sonorous silver, resonate with the sounds of calabash instruments. They tell a tale of relentless practice leading to an unconscious rhythm, of mundane morphing into magic.

The collection draws from pastoral life, creating a striking balance between the shepherd and the equestrian. Designs inspired by life’s terrestrial wonders—cheetah-printed cowhide and horsehair canvas tailoring—feel as though they’ve been plucked from an artist’s canvas. Meanwhile, the addition of UGG’s sheepskin-lined loafers offers a comforting respite, a nod to the restful interludes that weave themselves into life’s grand tapestry.


Staying true to the brand’s legacy, WALES BONNER‘s signature shirting and hybrid tailoring take on a new life. Gradient stripes and earthen brown wool, punctuated with vibrant blue satin and sportswear finishes, illuminate the collection’s codes. The longstanding collaboration with adidas Originals further stokes the athletic flame, adding a dash of fluorescence and futurism to the mix.

The collection pays homage to the titans of long-distance running, notably Haile Gebreselassie’s world record-breaking run in the 2008 Berlin Marathon. A replica of his adidas Neftegna shoe, inscribed with his world-record time, serves as a shining testament to human willpower and endurance.

Drawing inspiration from the jubilation following Abebe Bikila’s 1960 Olympic win, the collection introduces Savile Row tailoring, courtesy of Anderson and Sheppard. Accents of raw silk and woven gold buttons mirror the celebratory mood of the time.

True to the words of David Hammons, “That’s the long distance runner, the quietness is loud too.” These words reverberate throughout the collection, capturing the quiet resilience of those who embrace life’s marathon. It’s a dance between determination, courage, serenity, and balance—an echo of Africa’s heritage, threaded into draped satin dresses and ceremonial necklaces adorned with semi-precious carnelian and jade.

The soundtrack, curated by James William Blades and Grace Wales Bonner, pays tribute to musical mastery. HaddinQo, an Ethiopian artist, breathes life into the traditional Masinqo stringed instrument, while Hama, a multi-instrumentalist from Niger, enriches the ambiance with his vast synthesizer compositions. The saga continues with a set from Kenyan artist DJ Boboss, whose eclectic sound adds yet another layer of vibrancy to the collection’s unveiling.

In the end, the Spring/Summer 2024 collection isn’t merely a presentation of fashion—it’s a symphony of sound, movement, and storytelling, each thread intricately woven into a rich narrative. Amid the clashing of cultural beats and the whispering fabrics, there is a sense of journey, not merely one of distance, but of time, of culture, and the human spirit. WALES BONNER, in a celebration of history, pays homage to past triumphs while stepping boldly into the future.

Yet, it is not solely a journey forward. The collection is a delightful dance between the old and the new, between time-honored crafts and cutting-edge techniques. Skirts and vests, embellished with the raw allure of raffia and resonant Ghanaian beads, are a nod to the craftspeople who pour their hearts into every creation. The hand-embroidered animal print motif disrupts the fabric’s refined harmony, painting a landscape of untamed elegance.

Simultaneously, the collaboration with Himco in Italy brings to the collection a touch of exquisite European craft. The calfskin riding boots and rawhide skirts transport us to picturesque Tuscan landscapes, while the British checks and Mac coats tell tales of misty mornings in the English countryside. The collection effortlessly strides between continents, narrating a global story of craftsmanship, tradition, and style.

This narrative weaves in and out of the sports world, honoring the perseverance of Africa’s long-distance runners and their indomitable spirit. A replica of Gebreselassie’s adidas Neftegna shoe stands as a testament to human tenacity, while the bold fluorescence of the adidas Originals partnership juxtaposes with the collection’s otherwise earthy palette, creating a marriage of the traditional and the modern, the subtle and the bold.

The Spring/Summer 2024 collection doesn’t shy away from celebration either. Gold-buttoned Savile Row tailoring and raw silk conjure images of joyous victory parties following Abebe Bikila’s 1960 Olympic win. Draped satin dresses and semi-precious stones remind us of courage, serenity, and balance that every journey requires and every victor embodies.

In a unique blend of sound and style, the collection’s unveiling is set to a distinctive soundtrack. The stirring live performance by HaddinQo and the expansive synthesizer compositions by Hama underscore the collection’s harmony of ancestral groove and future visions. The stirring beats by DJ Boboss infuse the event with an infectious energy, a celebration of fashion, heritage, and the human spirit.

As the Spring/Summer 2024 collection unfolds, it becomes clear that WALES BONNER is not merely a brand—it’s a movement, a journey, a testament to life’s marathon. Its strength lies not only in the quality of the garments but in the stories they tell, in the history they honor, and in the future they dare to imagine. And as the show draws to a close, one cannot help but marvel at the quiet power of fashion and its capacity to tell the most enchanting tales.

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