From K-pop Star to Fashion Icon: Vernon Becomes the New Global Ambassador of KENZO

June 23, 2023
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KENZO x Vernon
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KENZO’s artistic director, Nigo, a man with music coursing through his veins, has carefully handpicked Vernon, a member of the South Korean boy band SEVENTEEN, to represent the global image of the esteemed brand.

The appointment of the 25-year-old K-pop star isn’t just about roping in a high-profile celebrity; it signifies a bridge being constructed between the world of high fashion and the vibrant and youthful realm of K-pop. Vernon is set to debut his ambassadorship at KENZO‘s eagerly awaited co-ed fashion show, which will be taking centre stage during Men’s Fashion Week in the heart of Paris.

Thrilled by the new addition to the KENZO clan, Nigo lauded, “I am delighted and grateful to welcome Vernon into the KENZO family.” Vernon echoed his enthusiasm, expressing anticipation for the “synergy this partnership will introduce” and revealing his eagerness to unveil a fresh dimension of his persona to his global fanbase.

Vernon, born Hansol Vernon Chwe to a French-Korean family, juggles his dual American and South Korean nationalities with aplomb. He stands tall as SEVENTEEN’s primary rapper and the face of the band, a testament to the unyielding devotion of his fans and his hard-earned status in the K-pop industry.

KENZO, aware of his innate prowess, acknowledges his “remarkable control over vocal range, tone, and his visually stunning versatility,” attributing these traits to his skyrocketing international reputation. As summer approaches, there’s a buzz in the air concerning SEVENTEEN’s comeback, and with Vernon’s fashion-forward journey taking off simultaneously, the K-pop star’s stock is on an unstoppable rise.


From his early beginnings in the television industry to penning nearly 70 songs, Vernon’s trajectory has been nothing short of meteoric. The charismatic artist, who boasts a following of six million fans on Instagram, has been the heartthrob and inspiration for many. Pledis Entertainment, Vernon’s management company, spotted his potential and has been instrumental in nurturing his growth ever since.

As Vernon is poised to meld the worlds of high fashion and pop music, he stands at the precipice of another milestone in his career. This fresh liaison between KENZO and Vernon promises to redefine the landscape of fashion, pop culture, and their compelling intersections.

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