UT UNIQLO x Dragon Ball Z Collaboration, Unleashing the Power of Anime Fashion

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UT UNIQLO x History of Dragon Ball

The power of Dragon Ball Z is brought to life in a vivid and striking fashion collaboration, as UT UNIQLO x Dragon Ball Z presents a captivating collection of T-shirts celebrating the iconic anime series.

UT UNIQLO, the renowned T-shirt sub-brand of UNIQLO, has announced the launch of a thrilling new collection inspired by the Japanese media franchise Dragon Ball Z. This creative collaboration, dubbed “History of Dragon Ball,” brings together the artistic talents of UT UNIQLO creative director and Japanese illustrator Kosuke Kawamura, and the brilliant storytelling of Akira Toriyama, the creator of the original Dragon Ball manga series in 1984.

The limited-edition T-shirt collection features seven unique designs that highlight the various story arcs from the Dragon Ball Z franchise, which includes both manga and anime adaptations. As the official UNIQLO site states, “Relive the epic battles and thrilling adventures of Son Goku and friends with our limited edition Dragon Ball Z T-shirt collection.”

Each design in the UT UNIQLO x Dragon Ball Z collaboration showcases a different aspect of the Dragon Ball Z saga, featuring iconic characters such as Goku, Gohan, Frieza, and Shenron. The T-shirts depict memorable moments from the series, including the “Son Goku Boy Arc,” where a young Goku and Bulma can be seen riding Bulma’s bike, and the “Majin Buu Arc,” featuring the powerful antagonist Buu.

This isn’t the first time UT UNIQLO has ventured into the world of Dragon Ball. In 2019, the brand released a collection inspired by the Dragon Ball (1986-1989) and Dragon Ball Z (1989-1996) anime shows, also designed by Kawamura. The theme of that collaboration revolved around Goku’s search for the seven mystical Dragon Balls.

Since its debut in 2003, UT UNIQLO has been known for its bold and bright designs, collaborating with various artists and pop culture icons, such as the legendary American contemporary artist KAWS.

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UT UNIQLO x History of Dragon Ball
UT UNIQLO x History of Dragon Ball
UT UNIQLO x History of Dragon Ball
UT UNIQLO x History of Dragon Ball

The UT UNIQLO x Dragon Ball Z series is set to be available in late May, with select stores and online channels offering the limited-edition collection for purchase.
In addition to the adult collection, priced at USD 24.90 per T-shirt, the collaboration also offers two designs for kids at USD 14.90 each. This ensures that fans of all ages can celebrate their love for Dragon Ball Z in style.

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