BOSS The Scent Magnetic For Him

Unleash your inner BOSS through the intensity of BOSS The Scent Magnetic for Him

January 29, 2023
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BOSS Parfums has just unveiled its latest addition to the BOSS The Scent collection: BOSS The Scent Magnetic For Him and For Her. The new fragrances encapsulate the confidence, elegance, and allure of a true BOSS and aim to ignite the senses.

The brand’s mantra, “Be Your Own BOSS,” continues to inspire and encourages individuals to trust their instincts, take control of their destiny, and embrace their inner BOSS in all aspects of life, including the game of seduction. In a world where confidence is key, BOSS The Scent Magnetic aims to empower individuals to embrace their power of attraction and seduction.

BOSS The Scent Magnétique For Him

The new BOSS The Scent Magnetic offers a deeper, more intense interpretation of the brand’s signature scent. The two amber compositions, For Him and For Her, seduce with a new magnetic intensity, thanks to an irresistible fusion of contrasting ingredients. The campaign features actors Jacob Elordi and Laura Harrier, who embody the confidence and allure of the BOSS The Scent franchise. The combination of two such powerful individuals creates a perfect reflection of the heightened contrasts at the heart of each scent.

For Him, BOSS The Scent Magnetic for Him reveals an irresistible fusion of exquisite Black Vanilla extract and vibrant Wheat Bran absolute. The stimulating top notes of BOSS’ proprietary Maninka fruit have been intensified to give the scent an instant and powerful energy. The vibrant Wheat Bran Absolute at the heart awakens the senses, which are irresistibly drawn to a base of exquisite Black Vanilla extract taking the magnetic force of BOSS The Scent to new heights.

BOSS The Scent Magnétique For Him

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Composed by perfumer Delphine Lebeau, BOSS The Scent Magnetic for Him is an intensely seductive leathery oriental fragrance. The Eau de Parfum is encapsulated in a rounded bottle lacquered in deep black and set in an icy gold cage.

The BOSS The Scent fragrance collection was first introduced by BOSS Parfums in 2015. The collection was created to embody the brand’s “Be Your Own BOSS” mantra and to capture the essence of confidence, elegance, and allure that is associated with the BOSS brand. The collection features a signature scent for both men and women, and has since expanded to include other variations such as BOSS The Scent Intense and BOSS The Scent Absolute.

BOSS The Scent Magnétique For Him

The original BOSS The Scent for Men was composed by perfumer Bernard Ellena and features notes of ginger, maninka fruit, and leather. The fragrance for women was composed by perfumer Louise Turner and features notes of freesia, osmanthus, and vanilla. Both fragrances were developed to appeal to the modern, confident, and ambitious individual and to evoke a sense of seduction and attraction.

The collection was an immediate success upon its launch and quickly established itself as a popular choice among consumers. The fragrances have received positive reviews from critics and have won several awards in the fragrance industry. The BOSS The Scent collection has also been promoted through various advertising campaigns featuring high-profile celebrities and models, further increasing its visibility and popularity.

In addition to its success in the fragrance market, the BOSS The Scent collection has also been successful in the fashion and lifestyle sectors. The collection has been paired with clothing and accessories, and has been featured in fashion shows and events.

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