Umit Benan B+ Spring/Summer 2024 Collection: A Renaissance of Daring Masculinity and Chic Clientele-Centric Fashion

June 23, 2023
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Umit Benan B+ - Spring-Summer 2024

As the sultry summer of 2024 beckons, we navigate the labyrinthine yet intriguingly secret entrance of Umit Benan B+, the brainchild of the master couturier Umit Benan himself. In this paradoxical oasis hidden within the starkly concrete confines of a nondescript courtyard, Benan has breathed life into a new fashion epoch: a tailored experience that sees a return ” from the customer. ” An innovation of personalized service and artisanal mastery, the Umit Benan B+ Spring/Summer 2024 collection channels a distinct and irresistible charm that intertwines the essence of masculinity with an unwavering dedication to customer preference.

In the warmly lit sanctuary of his atelier, Benan orchestrates a unique fashion symphony. With a clientele that spans discerning gentlemen and women who favor a masculine twist to their tailoring, he orchestrates a convergence of classic Italian design elements with the colorful personality of each individual client. This harmonious union mirrors the famed silhouettes of design maestros like Gianfranco Ferré, Giorgio Armani, Nino Cerruti, and Antonio Fusco, whose work Benan reveres as the compass guiding his design philosophy.

The vibrancy of Latin-American culture plays muse to Benan’s work, with specific nods to the electric spirit of Acapulco and the mesmerizing aesthetic of Andy Garcia in the film “Blow.” As he fondly mentions, “ During the ’60s in Cuba a very virile man would wear a pink silk shirt, it was just normal. ” It is this daring nod to color and confident masculinity that saturates the racks of his atelier, an homage to the unapologetic boldness of vintage movie icons from this geographic region.

This boldness is beautifully translated into the Spring/Summer 2024 collection, where caftans, silk shirts, and linen dresses serve as the canvas for this remarkable couture story. The attention to detail is immaculate, with eye-catching elements such as a pocket specifically stitched to accommodate eye glasses and a cigar, adding a layer of charisma to these pieces. This careful selection and interplay of fabrics, colors, and techniques indeed make Benan’s clients more than just one-time patrons; they become a part of the Umit Benan B+ family.


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