The Toyota Yaris Cross is the most produced car in France in 2022

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Toyota Yaris Cross - Most produced car in France 2022

The Toyota Yaris Cross is a popular city SUV that has made a strong entry into the European market. It has quickly become the most produced car in France, all models and brands combined, according to data from Inovev (ranking established on the basis of production volumes declared by the manufacturers).

In 2022, the Toyota Motor Manufacturing France (TMMF) site in Onnaing-Valenciennes produced 161,508 Yaris Cross vehicles, accounting for 63% of the site’s annual production.

Toyota Yaris Cross - Most produced car in France 2022

The Yaris Cross replaces the Yaris, which has already topped the list of the most produced car in France seven times in the last ten years. With the production of the Yaris Cross, TMMF recorded its second highest volume of business in 2022, coming close to its record set in 2007. This high level of activity has allowed TMMF to continue its plan to transform 500 fixed-term contracts into permanent contracts and the historic milestone of 4,000 permanent contracts could be reached by the end of 2024.

The arrival of the Yaris Cross on our production line in addition to the 4th generation Yaris marks a turning point in the history of our site. One in four Toyota vehicles sold in Europe is produced here at TMMF. This makes our site the most important for the group in Europe,” said Jim Crosbie, President of Toyota Motor Manufacturing France.

Toyota Yaris Cross - Most produced car in France 2022

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The Yaris Cross, which has been awarded the Origine France Garantie certification and will be the most produced car in 2022, confirms its success in the French market. This success, combined with that of the Yaris, makes our brand the leader of the ‘Made in France’ automotive sector in France,” added Frank Marotte, President and CEO of Toyota France.

The Toyota Yaris Cross is known for its distinctive design, which combines the practicality of an urban SUV with the elegant style of a sports car. The vehicle is equipped with advanced features and technologies, making it a popular choice among consumers in the growing urban SUV segment. With 95% of production being self-charging hybrids, the Yaris Cross is also an environmentally friendly option for drivers looking to reduce their carbon footprint.

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