Toyota Aygo X UNDERCOVER: The subversive collaboration redefining fashion and automotive design

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Toyota Aygo x UNDERCOVER Jun Takahashi

Toyota and UNDERCOVER, two brands at the forefront of innovation in their respective fields, have teamed up to create a new icon of the subversive spirit: the Toyota Aygo X UNDERCOVER.

The Aygo X UNDERCOVER is a showcase of the best of both brands, premiering at the UNDERCOVER Fall 2023 catwalk show during Paris Fashion Week. This unique collaboration is limited to only 5,000 cars, making it a must-have for car and fashion enthusiasts alike.

The Toyota Aygo X UNDERCOVER is inspired by Jun Takahashi’s design philosophy of non-conformity and breaking stereotypes. The car features a bi-tone grey body color specially developed by Toyota, coral red accents on the black 18-inch alloys and interior, branded seats, and monogram pattern floor mats. The roof stickers spell out Takahashi’s motto “CHAOS / BALANCE,” encapsulating the overlapping contrasts that are a hallmark of the UNDERCOVER brand.

The launch campaign for the Aygo X UNDERCOVER is set in the semi-fictional world of Paris, Tokyo, a “hidden city” where virtual and physical realities are blurred. The campaign is inspired by the unique blend of Harajuku underground culture and the contemporary savoir-faire of Le Marais. Occupied by a community raised on UNDERCOVER, the city is full of signature Jun Takahashi Easter eggs for fans to discover.

It was my first experience working on a car, and with Toyota being such a prestigious and innovative Japanese brand, it came with deep emotional meaning and significance,” says Takahashi. “Fusing together two contradicting elements, or worlds, is exciting for me. The materials and the colors differ completely from clothing collaborations, and I believe we have a design that is still very much UNDERCOVER while working in harmony with the city.

Since its introduction in 2005, the Aygo has been Toyota‘s most accessible car in Europe, attracting many style-conscious buyers with its youthful and fun character. By moving from a hatchback to a crossover body type, the new Aygo X has a unique sense of emotion that can be felt as a driver, passenger, or even as a spectator.

We knew that UNDERCOVER could further expand the strong character of the Aygo X and were excited to explore how Jun’s fashion language could be translated into the car development process,” says Tadao Mori, Head of Styling Design for Toyota Europe. “Fashion design and car design share a lot in common, but Jun introduced us to completely new ways of looking at color and ideas for how to make more of everyday details to create something more interesting and unexpected.

The Aygo X UNDERCOVER is a true collaboration of two worlds, bridging the gap between fashion and automotive design. With its unique design features and limited edition release, this car is a must-have for anyone looking to make a statement on the road.

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Toyota Aygo x UNDERCOVER Jun Takahashi
Toyota Aygo x UNDERCOVER Jun Takahashi
Toyota Aygo x UNDERCOVER Jun Takahashi
Toyota Aygo x UNDERCOVER Jun Takahashi

Online reservations for the Toyota Aygo X UNDERCOVER are now open on
The 75 units available for reservation will be the only ones to receive, in addition to the UNDERCOVER customization, the premium JBL audio system developed specifically for the Aygo X. Customers with a reservation will be among the very first to drive the Aygo X UNDERCOVER in early summer 2023.

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