Thom Browne Resort 2024 Collection, The Chic Divergence

June 14, 2023
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Thom Browne Resort 2024

In a world often swayed by monotonous conformity, the Thom Browne Resort 2024 collection unveils a colorful rebuttal to the norm. Thom Browne’s reputation as a maverick of the fashion industry is only set to amplify as he embarks on a venture to the City of Light, on July 3. This presentation will be a monumental start to a year of events marking two decades of Browne’s fruitful exploration in the fashion landscape.

There’s an enormous honor in showcasing during couture, especially when one carries the weight of representing American fashion,” Browne avowed. As an artist known for his extravagant runway shows that have previously been graced by Pose’s Mj Rodriguez, and larger-than-life unicorn marionettes, Browne is all set to make the Parisian couture his own arena.

Browne’s pre-collections are not a watered-down version of his characteristic grandiosity. Instead, they are proof that his knack for conjuring mesmerizing visuals is not bound to the runway alone. Contrary to the common perception of Browne as a minimalist suiting specialist, the collection unveils a masterstroke of a maximalist, accentuated by an intricate layering technique and a microscopic eye for sartorial specifics.

The collection begins with a series of ensembles that subtly showcase Browne’s expert manipulation of construction and style. Witness the dramatic play of strong shoulders, unusually short sleeves, and the deconstructed jacket revealing the craftsmanship beneath the surface. It is a collection that reflects Browne’s love for architectural detailing, from the internal shoulder caps to the delicately bound seams, down to the canvas lining that lends his creations their unique heft.


This season represents what Browne calls “a bit of a refresh,” diverging from his customary monochrome to a more colorful array. This pivot towards a brighter palette is not confined to the usual black, gray, and navy. Instead, it breaks the mold by luxuriously incorporating horsehair and Browne’s signature red-white-and-blue grosgrain ribbon in the tweeds, while exploring a softer, more playful baby blue and delicate orange in traditional versions.

In the realm of unconventional, a silver foil outfit stands out, juxtaposing a padded down coat, tailored jacket, and elongated kilt. The collection is not without its sparkling appeal, as a hand-embroidered minidress, complete with the signature strong shoulders, shimmers in shiny black sequins.

Inspired by the success of the Hector bags—modelled after Browne’s wirehaired dachshund, which outsells his other offerings—the designer adds a whimsical touch of flying sheep to the look book. It hints at an ongoing expansion of his fashion menagerie, adding a hint of humor to his serious fashion sensibilities.

The Thom Browne Resort 2024 collection is a testament to Browne’s capacity to balance extremes, drawing on the everyday yet indulging in whimsical flights of fashion fancy. It encapsulates a constant evolution that blends the fine line between restraint and excess, functionality and aesthetics, and tradition and innovation. Thom Browne’s ingenuity pushes the boundaries of fashion, reminding us that the act of dressing is, after all, a powerful form of personal expression.

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