The world’s most beautiful lighthouses

August 17, 2022
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The world's most beautiful lighthouses

Their light has been the guide of sailors in the dark and the hope during storms. Located in beautiful places, lighthouses are the protagonists of spectacular landscapes.

Lonely, inspiring and romantic, lighthouses have been and are a source of literary inspiration as well as a beautiful travel destination. All over the world, these splendid buildings can be found, withstanding sea storms and standing proudly on the horizon. Ready to hit the road to discover the world’s most beautiful lighthouses? Here is the list of some of the most beautiful lighthouses in the world compiled by our partner Civitatis.

Pemaquid Point Lighthouse – Maine (USA)

The world's most beautiful lighthouses - Pemaquid Point Lighthouse (Peter James Eisenhaure)
Pemaquid Point Lighthouse – Maine (USA) – © Photo : Peter James Eisenhaure

The American painter, Edward Hopper, captured its magnificent silhouette and surroundings in one of his 1929 watercolors, Pemaquid Light. The lighthouse was dedicated in 1827 and is now one of the most visited places in Bristol, Maine (New England).

Creac’h lighthouse – Ouessant Island (France)

The world's most beautiful lighthouses - Creac'h lighthouse
Creac’h lighthouse – Ouessant Island (France)

The “guardian of the sea” of Finistère is one of the most powerful in the world. With a height of 47 meters, it is located in the archipelago of the Ponant Islands and is part of the Regional Natural Park of Armorique. It was lit for the first time in 1863 and since 1988 has housed the Lighthouses and Beacons Museum, ideal for discovering all the secrets of the fascinating history of maritime signaling.

Tower of Hercules – La Coruña (Spain)

The world's most beautiful lighthouses - Hercule tower Coruña
Hercule Tower – Coruña (Spain)

Whoever approaches it will be surprised by its austere and imposing image. Indeed, behind this facade hides a Roman lighthouse of 55 meters high dating from the first century. Visiting it is like going back in time and contemplating the Finis terrae (end of the earth in Latin) of the time. The Tower of Hercules is the oldest Roman lighthouse in the world and the only one still in operation. It is therefore not surprising that this lighthouse is part of the UNESCO world heritage.


Phare de Santa Marta – Cascais (Portugal)

The world's most beautiful lighthouses - Santa Marta Lighthouse
Santa Marta Lighthouse – Cascais (Portugal) – © Photo: Jean Carlo Emer

This picturesque lighthouse, 28 meters high and painted with blue and white stripes, is one of the most beautiful icons of Cascais. Next door, you can visit a museum that traces the history of the lighthouses of the Estoril coast, which were among the first to be built in Portugal.

Trinidad Head Lighthouse – California (USA)

The world's most beautiful lighthouses - Trinidad Head Lighthouse
Trinidad Head Lighthouse – California (USA)

This historic lighthouse is the symbol of the small town of Trinidad, Southern California. Located near the bay of the same name, it is surrounded by a beautiful coastline of craggy rocks. It is true that this lighthouse does not have the same slender silhouette as its predecessors, but its square white tower gives it a lot of character.

Cabo da Roca lighthouse – Sintra (Portugal)

The world's most beautiful lighthouses - Cabo da Roca Lighthouse
Cabo da Roca Lighthouse – Sintra (Portugal)

Cabo da Roca is a magnificent cliff that rises 140 meters above the Atlantic Ocean and is the westernmost point in all of Europe. Its lighthouse is located about 18 kilometers from Sintra (about 40 kilometers from Lisbon), in the Sintra-Cascais Natural Park, surrounded by small fishing villages hidden in the Sintra forest.

La Corbière Lighthouse – Jersey (UK)

The world's most beautiful lighthouses - La Corbière Lighthouse
La Corbière Lighthouse – Jersey (UK)

La Corbière Lighthouse is located at the southwestern tip of Jersey, on a small islet. Perched on a rock connected to the land by a causeway, visitors must be alert to the tide, as it disappears as it rises. For the old sailors who sailed from England to France, this white lighthouse marked the end of the most difficult part of the crossing.

Malarrif lighthouse – Snaefellsnes Peninsula (Iceland)

The world's most beautiful lighthouses - Malarrif lighthouse Snaefellsnes
Malarrif lighthouse – Snaefellsnes Peninsula (Iceland)

The lava of the Snæfellsjökull volcano approaches the foot of this lighthouse located in the west of the country. Since 1946, it overlooks the 170 km² Snæfellsjökull National Park. Also known as Karlstaðatangi lighthouse, it is 945 inches high.

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