The North Face x Online Ceramics 2nd Collab, An Iconic Fusion of Style and Sustainability

July 4, 2023
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The North Face x Online Ceramics 2nd Collaboration

The North Face x Online Ceramics 2nd collaboration – an intersection of retro design, sustainability, and outdoor practicality – has just made its grand entrance.

The fusion of these two iconic brands comes to fruition once more, presenting a fresh narrative in the realm of style. Echoing the ethos of both brands, the collection underscores the confluence of nature-inspired aesthetics and pioneering sustainability.

Online Ceramics, a Los Angeles-based brand known for its hand-dyed graphic t-shirts, has been a beacon of distinct style since 2016. Lauded for its unique perspective on spirituality and self-discovery, the brand marries visual allure with a profound commitment to local, low-impact manufacturing practices. The North Face, a titan in outdoor wear since 1966, juxtaposes this through its legacy of rugged resilience and high-performance technology.

The North Face x Online Ceramics 2nd Collaboration

The 2nd chapter of the North Face x Online Ceramics collaboration offers an array of gear and designs re-envisioned through the unique lens of Online Ceramics. This includes the iconic TNF x OC 1995 Polartec® Denali jacket and the TNF X OC Windjammer windbreaker, among others.

David Whetstone, the senior design director of collaborations and special projects at The North Face, poignantly encapsulates the vision behind the collection: “Our Summer 2023 collection with Online Ceramics is inspired by the spirit of the era when The North Face was founded, when camping was a fringe activity for those seeking to escape through the peace and quiet of the outdoors.


The collaboration breathes new life into the concept of sustainability, extending from their inaugural partnership in 2022 where the Re-Grind program played a pivotal role. This innovative process, which collects and repurposes fabric remnants from production, further enhances the appeal of the new collection. An array of garments are lovingly crafted from recycled materials, beautifully aligning with the environmentally-conscious ethos that both brands hold dear.

The North Face x Online Ceramics 2nd Collaboration

Moreover, the collection is not merely a testament to style and sustainability. It also showcases cutting-edge technology, with several products featuring the high-performance FlashDry-XD, a testament to advanced moisture management, and UPF 50+ protection.

This second collaboration doesn’t just stop at clothing – it extends its reach to gear storage and transportation. Among the standout items is the first-ever collaboration between The North Face and Basecamp Box, marking a new chapter in organized gear storage. Not to be overlooked is a foldable Polartec® blanket, offering a side of soft fleece for those chillier nights, and a Brimmer hat, combining comfort and protection for the great outdoors.

The line-up further includes vibrant T-shirts, hoodies, and pants adorned with quirky graphics and Online Ceramics’ own endearing messages like “Forest Hugger”, “Star Person”, and “Happiness Inside”. Such whimsical touchstones only enhance the charm of the collection, embodying the spirit of adventure while adding a playful touch.

The North Face x Online Ceramics 2nd Collaboration

Available in select The North Face stores and on, the collection promises pieces with a price range of $50 to $400 USD, ensuring there is something for every budget.

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