The Meta Quest 3 Is Coming This Fall

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Meta Quest 3

Meta has announced a new contender set to hit the market of virtual reality (VR) this fall – the Meta Quest 3.

This new VR headset promises to deliver enhanced performance, immersive mixed-reality features, and a sleeker, more comfortable design. With a starting price of $500, the Meta Quest 3 is poised to redefine the VR landscape.

A New Era of VR Headsets

The Meta Quest 3 is a complete overhaul of Meta’s popular VR headset. It boasts a smaller build, yet packs more power than its predecessor, the Quest 2. The headset is 40% slimmer, with three large camera sensors on the front that immediately distinguish it from its predecessor. The Touch controllers, now called Touch Plus, have also undergone a full refresh, featuring a more compact look and advanced tracking and haptics that align it more closely with the $1,000 Meta Quest Pro.

Meta Quest 3

Power and Performance

Despite its slimmed-down design, the Quest 3 promises a significant boost in power. It houses a next-gen Qualcomm processor, which Meta claims will deliver twice the graphics performance of the Quest 2. Coupled with the headset’s higher-resolution display, this should translate into a more immersive gaming experience with sharper visuals and smoother gameplay.

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Meta Reality: A Game Changer

Perhaps the most significant upgrade in the Quest 3 is its support for Meta Reality. This feature, previously exclusive to the higher-end Quest Pro, allows users to enjoy mixed-reality experiences that blend the real world with the virtual one. Imagine playing a virtual board game like Demeo on your real-life coffee table. This kind of tech trickling down to a more affordable headset opens up a plethora of mainstream entertainment uses.

Meta Quest 3

Compatibility and Software Library

If you’re upgrading from a Quest or Quest 2, rest assured that all your games and apps will come with you. The Quest 3 is compatible with the entire Quest software library, including popular Quest 2 games like Beat Saber and Pistol Whip, and immersive workout experiences like Supernatural and FitXR. This gives the Quest 3 a significant advantage over the recently released PlayStation VR 2, which isn’t compatible with previous-gen PlayStation VR titles.

The Meta Quest 2: Still a Strong Contender

For those eager to dive into VR without waiting for the Quest 3, the Meta Quest 2 just became an even better deal. Starting June 4, the Quest 2 will start at $300 for the 128GB model and $350 for the 256GB model. An upcoming software update will boost the internals of both the Quest 2 and Quest Pro, resulting in better processing and graphics performance. This makes the Quest 2 an even better buy at its new price, and is also fantastic news for existing owners.

Meta Quest 3

Meta Quest 3 Price and Release Date

The Meta Quest 3 is slated to launch this fall, with a starting price of $500 for the 128GB model. Meta has also indicated that there will be a higher storage option, likely 256GB, but the price for this variant has not been announced yet. The exact release date has not been specified, but more news on the Meta Quest 3 is expected at Meta’s Connect event on September 27.

Based on the specifications, the Meta Quest 3 is shaping up to be a worthy successor. It addresses the performance limitations of the Quest 2 and positions itself as a perfect middle ground for those seeking more immersion without the hefty price tag of the Quest Pro. However, with the Meta Quest 2 now back to its launch price and set to become even more powerful after a software update, it remains a strong contender in the VR market.

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