Ten secret beaches and coves in Europe where you can relax this summer

August 10, 2022
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Ten secret coves and beaches

During the warmer months, beaches are the most popular places to combine fun and relaxation. Even if we must admit that the second goal is sometimes a little complicated… You can quickly find yourself in the middle of a hubbub and incessant comings and goings with towels at your side…

To help you find a little more peace and quiet this summer, our partner Civitatis has compiled a list of the best (almost) secret beaches and coves where you can withdraw from the world and get away from the daily stress for a few days.

If you prefer quiet places to crowded beaches, then this list of secret beaches is for you!

Praia de Rodas, Galicia (Spain)

Ten secret coves and beaches - Playa de Rodas
Praia de Rodas, Galicia (Spain)

This jewel of the Cíes Islands had to be among the top ten European beaches if you are looking to escape the summer crowds. Praia das Rodas is undoubtedly the best of these unspoiled islands. It is located away from the peninsula, but offers an absolutely unique landscape: white sand, lagoons and reefs overlooking the Atlantic, where any traveler can forget the rest of the world.


San Giovanni di Sinis, Sardinia (Italy)

Ten secret coves and beaches - San Giovanni di Sinis
San Giovanni di Sinis, Sardinia (Italy)

It is true that all the beaches of northern Sardinia are spectacular. But it must be said that they tend to be crowded with tourists, especially during the warmer months.

If you want to enjoy them without sacrificing your peace and quiet, you should turn to the west coast of the island, where the Sinis peninsula, half an hour from Oristano, offers some of the best beaches in Europe, with its dunes and crystal clear waters next to the ruined citadel of Tharros.

Guéthary (France)

Ten secret coves and beaches - Guéthary
Guéthary (France)

For travelers with a passion for surfing, this beach located in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region will undoubtedly become one of their favorite destinations.

Although more and more people seek out the waters of this small French commune every day, the tranquility remains one of the strong points of this place that was once a great whaling port and today has thousands of photos with its impressive sunsets.

Psili Ammos, Patmos (Greece)

Ten secret coves and beaches - Psili Ammos
Psili Ammos, Patmos (Greece)

This beach has a history, and not the least. It is said that it is here, on the sacred island of the Dodecanese, that Saint John wrote the book of the Apocalypse, hidden in a cave.

Its shallow waters will allow you to swim without fear and will offer you spectacular landscapes that end, on the other side, on a nudist area. It is certainly one of the most peaceful beaches on the list, where it is very easy to forget the rest of the world.

Beach of Saleccia, Corsica (France)

Ten secret coves and beaches - Plage de Saleccia
Saleccia Beach, Corsica (France) – ©Image : Jérôme Rattat

The incredible beach of Saleccia is one of the most inaccessible corners of Corsica to tourists. Indeed, it is cut off from the world thanks to the Agriates desert, in the northwest of Corsica.

If you manage to cross this natural barrier, what awaits you on the other side is a real spectacle: 1.5 kilometers of white sand and turquoise waters that will leave you breathless.

Alaçati (Turkey)

Ten secret coves and beaches - Alaçati
Alaçati (Turkey)

This is another beach that has made history in the world of surfing and kitesurfing, not only because of its waves, but also because of the tranquility it offers to the lovers of these sports.

Located in the province of Izmir, its breathtaking view of the Aegean Sea is mixed with the famous architecture of its vineyard houses and even windmills full of history (which date back almost 200 years).

Alaçati will appeal to both surfers and those who simply want to relax in a magical part of Turkey.

Dhërmi, Vlora (Albania)

Ten secret coves and beaches - Dhërmi
Dhërmi, Vlora (Albania)

This place is so incredible that it is impossible to keep it “secret”. It will surely soon become a major tourist destination, but for now, Dhërmi stoically maintains its characteristic tranquility.

What may have slowed down the overpopulation is the difficulty of getting there, crossing a pass at an altitude of 1,200 meters. But the landscape, surrounded by mountains, Soviet-era bunkers (what a contrast) and the best beaches in Albania… Will make the happiness of any traveler in search of tranquility.

Tavira Island Beach, Algarve (Portugal)

Ten secret coves and beaches - Praia da Ilha de Tavira
Praia da Ilha de Tavira, Algarve (Portugal)

It’s true that the Algarve attracts millions of visitors every year, especially in summer, but it’s possible to find secluded spots where you can relax without having to fight for a spot on the sand.

If you head further east, you’ll find this peaceful haven. Praia de Ilha, a beautiful island off Tavira, is a good example. Its almost calm waters lapping along its long coastline make it an ideal destination to get away from it all.

Perpitch Beach (England)

Ten secret coves and beaches - Plage de Perpitch
Perpitch Beach, Cornwall (England)

Off the southwest coast of England lies the subtropical archipelago of the Isles of Scilly (or Sorlings), an incredible place when looking for a beach to relax.

It must be said that there are so many of them that it is difficult to choose. Objectively, the most remarkable one might be Perpitch Beach on the island of St. Martin’s. The easiest way to get there is to take a boat from St. Mary’s, the main island, and spend a whole day there until the boat leaves for the return trip.

Cala Macarella, Menorca (Spain)

Ten secret coves and beaches - Cala Macarella
Cala Macarella, Menorca (Spain)

And the list ends with one of the most impressive coves in the world: Cala Macarella.

Any traveler knows that Menorca has thousands of hidden corners where you can easily cut yourself off from the world. There are so many that it would deserve a list of its own. However, Cala Macarella seems to be the best place to rest between cliffs and pine trees.

If this cove leaves you speechless in pictures, you will be speechless once you get there.

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