Subscribers of ChatGPT Might Soon Have Access to a “GPT Builder” Feature

Unlock the potential of AI with the rumored ChatGPT update and the 'GPT builder' option—where crafting personalized chatbots could become as intuitive and customizable as never before.
November 6, 2023
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Subscribers of ChatGPT Might Soon Have Access to a "GPT Builder" Feature
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As OpenAI gears up for its inaugural developer conference, and in the midst of this electric atmosphere, a leak has appeared about ChatGPT. A revelation that could change the way we interact with AI has emerged, giving tech enthusiasts and developers a glimpse into a future adorned with even more personalized digital interactions.

The Decoder recently came into possession of materials that suggest OpenAI isn’t just tinkering around the edges, but is poised to introduce a groundbreaking “GPT builder” option within ChatGPT. The alleged leaks, which consist of screenshots and videos, highlight a custom chatbot creation tool that boasts capabilities similar to those we’ve seen in the formidable GPT-4, such as web navigation and sophisticated data analysis. The new tool seemingly empowers users to create chatbots tailored to their whims, indicative of the intricate and user-centric development approach OpenAI is known for.

Adding to the excitement, there are whispers that OpenAI will open a new marketplace – a bazaar of sorts where creative tech minds can share their chatbot innovations, or browse and choose from a collection curated by other users. This potentially creates a thriving community of custom chatbot creators, sharing and growing together, powered by the power of GPT-4.

Choi, a user who has been following these developments closely, recently summed up the rumors. In addition, SEO wizard Tibor Blaho brought the user interface into the limelight with a video demonstration of the GPT Builder in full swing. The feature allows users to enter a prompt and, like pulling a rabbit out of a hat, it creates a chatbot right before your eyes.


Within the tool, the “Create” tab is the cornerstone, offering options to customize the language, tone, and writing style – the essence of your chatbot’s personality. The Configure tab adds another layer, allowing you to name, describe, and set the boundaries of your bot’s capabilities and knowledge base, including the ability to toggle web browsing and image generation.

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Next is the “preview pane,” which invites users to see their creation come to life, test and tweak to ensure the final product is nothing less than what they envisioned. Blaho even took to LinkedIn to provide a detailed exploration of GPT Builder, sharing his insights with the professional community.

Following up on these revelations, Choi points to another potential OpenAI project – an enterprise “team” subscription plan, positioned to meet the needs of businesses with offerings such as “flexible” and “annual” options. The proposed features, such as unlimited GPT-4 access and extended context for interactions, are designed to meet the rigorous demands of enterprise-level usage.

While these features have excited the community, they remain shrouded in the mystery of unconfirmed updates. But with the OpenAI developer conference just around the corner, the veil may soon be lifted on these anticipated advancements.

For those who stand at the intersection of passion and technology, these developments in ChatGPT are not just another incremental update. They represent a seismic shift in the way we interact with, customize, and use artificial intelligence. The “GPT Builder” option could mark the beginning of a new era where chatbots are not just tools, but partners in creation, tailored to the imagination and ingenuity of their human creators.

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