SONGZIO Spring/Summer 2024 Collection Redefines The Sartorial Landscape

June 28, 2023
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Songzio - Spring-Summer 2024 - Paris Fashion Week

In fashion, celebrations are often marked by grand spectacles, and the SONGZIO Spring/Summer 2024 collection is no exception. Celebrating their 30th anniversary, the esteemed South Korean brand, under the creative directorship of Zio Song, has channeled three decades of sartorial artistry into a tribute that’s as rebellious as it is refined: a collection titled “Pure Rebel.”

In the DNA of “Pure Rebel,” an exquisite ballet of contrasts comes to life. The collection embraces both stillness and motion, with garments that appear sculptural when at rest and fluid when in action. It is a visual manifesto of SONGZIO’s philosophy, aptly named “orderly disorder” – a convergence of the deconstructivist designs that are their trademark with Oriental elegance and a touch of youthful audacity.

SONGZIO has always held a distinct voice in the fashion world, recognized for their unique blend of ancient Korean influences with contemporary designs. This collection continues to champion this signature ethos, reinventing their artistic roots with a fresh infusion of youthful readiness. It delves into the annals of Korean heritage, drawing from traditional garments and armor. The collection features SONGZIO’s hallmark cocoon silhouette and volume, reinvented with meticulous deconstruction, multi-layered drapes, and plate cuts.

SONGZIO’s palette of fabrics reads like a love letter to textiles. Pieces are swathed in luxuriously tactile leather, whisper-soft habotai, and liquid silk. These fabrics form the layered, draped pieces that are the collection’s tour de force – pieces that are expertly cut and layered to create a symphony of textures. The concept of ‘Paint on Black’, intrinsic to SONGZIO’s design process, is evident in the way these multi-layered pieces are crafted.


Accessories, always the punctuation in any outfit, are no less thoughtfully conceived. SONGZIO presents plate layered shoulder bags and pouches, classic rounded derby shoes, and ribboned loafers, each carrying an echo of this season’s signature strokes and layers. Notably, the brand has collaborated with Reebok, offering shoes inspired by the collection’s signature plates and draped wings.

Fabrics, in their weight and texture, play a critical role in SONGZIO’s collection. Here, heavy and sculptural materials like leather, wool silk, and satin cotton hold a dialogue with airy, transparent fabrics like silk, organza, and habotai. Together, they create a juxtaposition of weight and lightness, solidity and transparency – a veritable dance of contrasts that is a feast for the senses.

The collection’s color palette stays true to SONGZIO’s signature black, complemented by light and soft hues – ivory, beige, ecru, crème, accented by refreshing splashes of pale lime and salmon pink. These shades, in their quiet elegance, provide the perfect canvas for SONGZIO’s design artistry.

© Photos: SONGZIO

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