Short or Bermuda, the undisputed star of the summer!

August 18, 2022
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Short or Bermuda

Summer is coming back and so are the short or Bermuda. It is the basic piece of any summer wardrobe. Before choosing your shorts, it is necessary to know some tips and you will never make mistakes in taste:

How should shorts be worn? Is it mandatory to wear high socks?

High socks are obviously not essential. Generally speaking, they are recommended when you wear a tie. No tie, no high socks.

When can shorts be worn?

The advantage of shorts is that they can be worn in almost any occasion, in a cocktail party, for a walk, at the sport or for a more or less formal dinner… It is of course prohibited for a funeral, but this is unnecessary to specify.

What shoes should I wear with shorts?

For a casual style, adopt the moccasins that go perfectly with the Bermuda shorts, with or without socks. The Tod’s brand ones are perfectly suited for all occasions and are also available in several colors.
There is no reason not to wear lace-up shoes with Bermuda shorts, but only if they are not too dressy.
Forget also the wing type shoes (with pointed toe, narrow and long).
Boots are also to be avoided, unless you want to look a bit like Crocodile Dundee.
On the other hand, with a pair of denim shorts, it is advisable to wear it with sneakers for a more trendy and casual style.

Short or Bermuda

Stripes or no stripes?

Vertical stripes give a slimming impression to your silhouette while horizontal ones are totally discouraged.


Can we put the t-shirt or the shirt inside the shorts?

For a long time, it was advised to put the top outside the shorts if you didn’t want to look like a nerd. Fashion is changing and so are the rules. You can now leave your top inside or outside, it’s up to you, but if you tuck your top in, be careful not to pull the shorts up too much on your waist, it will shorten your look.

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