Sean Suen Spring/Summer 2024 Collection, Journey Through Samsara

June 26, 2023
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Sean Suen - Spring-Summer 2024 - Paris Fashion Week Men's
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As fashion treads the sacred realms of consciousness, Sean Suen‘s Spring/Summer 2024 collection embarks on a remarkable narrative journey, tracing the delicate contours of the Buddhist concept of Samsara – the cyclical procession of life, death, and rebirth. Through this exploration, Suen not only fashions an exquisite tapestry of style and storytelling but also poignantly speaks to the dynamism inherent in human existence.

At first glance, the black and white palette reflects a dichotomy, an existential tussle of shadow and light, not unlike the spiritual struggle mirrored in his embroidered aphorisms of “world peace” and “get rich.” These, metaphorically representing salvation and perdition, unfurl the layers of Suen’s narrative in his eclectic sartorial offerings. However, his design’s strength lies not just in the deeper symbolism, but in the sheer beauty of their construction and wearability.

Witnessing the first piece of this collection, a fitted black leather blazer, one instantly recognizes Suen’s aptitude for reinventing classic elements. As the collection unfolds, it gracefully transitions into boxy, drop-shouldered jackets reminiscent of traditional Chinese cuts. These, paired with collarless tunics flowing with an almost ethereal looseness and roomy trousers teetering on the precipice of casual and formal, build a richly textured symphony of East meets West.

The act of waking up can often feel like peeling back layers of dreams,” Suen has previously shared, reflecting on his creative process. This notion of awakening is artfully rendered in the layered ensembles in the latter half of the collection. While these layers speak to the ‘mental confusion’ inherent in transitioning from dream to reality, Suen ensures their fashion eloquence isn’t lost in translation.


A daring sensuality also begins to surface as the layers unfold, presenting smart, versatile options with a generous sprinkling of daring allure. Cropped jackets, revealing midriffs, and short shorts that unabashedly bare plenty of leg mark a departure from the ethereal to the earthly, complimented by the assertive edge of thigh-high boots.

Even though Suen’s inspiration springs from the mystical realm of dreams and legends, it’s clear that his designs are wide awake to the ongoing discourse in the menswear industry. His Spring/Summer 2024 collection is a testament to his ability to balance the abstract and the tangible, crafting a sartorial narrative that resonates with both the spiritual and the sensual. It’s a collection that not only dresses the body but also awakens the soul, drawing us into the eternal loop of Samsara, where fashion becomes more than just an aesthetic statement – it becomes a reflection of the cyclical dance of existence itself.

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