A New Era Dawns as Sarah Burton Bids Farewell to Alexander McQueen

September 12, 2023
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A New Era Dawns as Sarah Burton Bids Farewell to Alexander McQueen
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The fashion world was hit with a shockwave when Kering announced that Sarah Burton would be parting ways with Alexander McQueen, marking the end of an era for the iconic fashion house. Sarah Burton, the creative force behind the brand for over a decade, has decided that the spring 2024 collection will be her swan song for Alexander McQueen.

Sarah Burton’s journey with Alexander McQueen began long before she was appointed creative director in 2010. It was a relationship that spanned over two decades, commencing when Burton became part of the fashion house in 1996. She has since devoted her entire career to the brand, nurturing and evolving its artistic expression while preserving the legacy of its late founder, Lee Alexander McQueen.

Kering and Alexander McQueen expressed their immense gratitude for Burton’s invaluable contributions. François-Henri Pinault, chairman and CEO of Kering, personally thanked her for her dedication and the impact she made on the house. Similarly, Gianfilippo Testa, CEO of Alexander McQueen, acknowledged the significant role she played in shaping the brand’s history.

In a heartfelt statement, Sarah Burton expressed her pride and gratitude for her journey with Alexander McQueen. She thanked François-Henri Pinault and Lee Alexander McQueen for the opportunities and lessons they provided. Reflecting on her 26 years with the brand, she looked forward to the next chapter of her career while cherishing the memories she created at Alexander McQueen.


The Legacy of Sarah Burton at Alexander McQueen

Burton’s tenure at Alexander McQueen was marked by several significant milestones. After the tragic loss of Lee Alexander McQueen in 2010, she took the helm as creative director and successfully carried the brand forward while honoring its founder’s vision. Her commitment to preserving McQueen’s essence while infusing her creativity led to numerous memorable collections and moments.

One of the most iconic moments of Burton’s career was designing the wedding dress for Kate Middleton, now the Duchess of Cambridge, in 2011. This momentous occasion not only solidified her status as a household name in the UK but also cemented her place as the Duchess’s preferred designer. Her accolades include receiving the Designer of the Year Award at the British Fashion Awards in 2011 and the Council of Fashion Designers of America International Award in 2019.

Burton’s journey with Alexander McQueen began when she was a student at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design. Introduced to McQueen by her instructor, Simon Ungless, she joined the fashion house as an intern and quickly climbed the ranks to become McQueen’s personal assistant and later head of womenswear. Her first solo collection for the brand in spring 2011 received widespread acclaim, showcasing her ability to bring a feminine touch to McQueen’s classic aesthetic.

A Bright Future Ahead

As Sarah Burton prepares to present her final collection for Alexander McQueen in Paris next month, the fashion industry eagerly anticipates the announcement of a new creative organization for the house. Burton’s departure marks the end of a significant chapter in the brand’s history, but it also heralds the beginning of a new era.

Throughout her tenure, Burton has demonstrated an unparalleled dedication to her craft and the Alexander McQueen brand. Her ability to balance the brand’s darkly glamorous aesthetic with her unique vision has left a lasting impact on the fashion world. As she embarks on the next chapter of her journey, there is no doubt that her influence and contributions to the industry will continue to be celebrated and remembered.

As the curtain falls on Sarah Burton’s time at Alexander McQueen, the fashion world watches with bated breath to see what the future holds for both the iconic designer and the legendary fashion house.

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