Bally Appoints Roy Wang as Global Brand Ambassador

July 21, 2023
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Bally x Roy Wang
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Luxury fashion house Bally boldly appoints the young Chinese star Roy Wang as their new Global Brand Ambassador. This alliance stands as a testament to Bally’s audacious vision, capturing the zeitgeist of the Gen Z demographic while strengthening its foothold in the Chinese luxury market.

As the new face of Bally, Wang’s radiant charm is set to grace the brand’s Fall 2023 advertising campaign. The images, beautifully captured against the breathtaking backdrop of Switzerland, pay homage to Bally’s deep-rooted heritage while offering an enticing glimpse into the future. In addition to these exquisite visuals, Wang will make a striking appearance in regional celebrations, including the Chinese Valentine’s Day and Lunar New Year campaigns, infusing his charismatic persona into Bally’s narrative.

Bally x Roy Wang

Given Wang’s colossal social media fan base, which is close to 100 million strong, his appointment is more than just an association with a popular face. It signifies a strategic move to draw younger audiences towards the brand, particularly the Gen Z demographics that idolize him. With a strong retail presence boasting of 60 stores in mainland China and robust online distribution channels, Bally’s collaboration with Wang seems poised to stimulate the brand’s prominence and resonance in the market.

Highlighting the synergy between Wang’s vibrant career and Bally’s pioneering ethos, the brand’s CEO, Nicolas Girotto, was quoted saying, “The versatility of his multidisciplinary career, coupled with his social engagement and modern sense of style, perfectly match with Bally’s pioneering spirit and values.”


From Wang’s perspective, he appreciates Bally as “a brand with such a rich history that combines heritage and innovation to uniquely represent Swiss luxury.” This reverence for the brand’s historic roots and innovative spirit echoes his own journey that seamlessly intertwines traditional and modern elements.

Wang, a native of Chongqing, started his ascent to fame as a teenager in 2013 as part of the Chinese idol group TFBoys. Their meteoric rise to stardom made them a pop-culture phenomenon across Asia, capturing hearts and ruling the charts. Not one to rest on his laurels, Wang has since channeled his influence towards societal good, establishing the Yuan Foundation in 2017 and earning the title of UNICEF ambassador the following year.

His impressive credentials include being recognized as one of Time magazine’s 30 Most Influential Teens of 2017 and featuring on the Forbes China 100 celebrities list in 2019. His debut solo album, “Yuan,” further cemented his place in the music industry. As China’s youngest touring singer, Wang is set to embark on a tour to commemorate TFBoys’ 10th anniversary this summer, underscoring his enduring appeal.

Bally’s selection of Wang as the global ambassador underscores a growing trend among luxury fashion labels such as Moschino, Valentino, and Prada, who have recently embraced Chinese talents as their brand ambassadors. This shift highlights the increasing influence and purchasing power of China’s younger demographics in the global luxury market.

On the design front, Bally also revealed a major reshuffling by appointing GUCCI’s Simone Bellotti as its new design director. Bellotti is all set to steer Bally’s design ethos towards a fresh horizon, with his inaugural collection slated for a grand reveal during Milan Fashion Week in September.

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