RIMOWA and Tiffany & Co. Elevate The Art of Traveling in Style

September 26, 2023
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RIMOWA and Tiffany & Co. Elevate The Art of Traveling in Style

It’s fascinating how some collaborations can take two distinctly independent visions and converge them into a singular, harmonious work of art. RIMOWA‘s longstanding reputation for masterful travelware meets Tiffany & Co.’s unparalleled luxury in jewelry design in a groundbreaking partnership, forging a pathway that reimagines travel for the modern wanderer.

For over a century, RIMOWA has been the trusted companion of travelers who value sophistication, durability, and innovation. From its roots in Germany, the brand has traversed the globe, expanding its vision and amalgamating with various avant-garde partners. Now, the journey takes a sparkling twist as RIMOWA introduces a dazzling collaboration with Tiffany & Co., the revered global luxury jeweler.

RIMOWA and Tiffany & Co. Elevate The Art of Traveling in Style

When two giants, each a master in its craft, come together, one can only expect magic. This blend of mastery is crystallized in their new collection that seamlessly fuses functional design with opulent aesthetics. From a Rock Cut Cabin suitcase to a plush Jewelry Personal, each piece in this range is a testament to timeless elegance.

In the RIMOWA x Tiffany & Co. Jewelry Case, design ascends to art. Its “Rock Cut” artwork, reminiscent of a diamond’s many facets, salutes Tiffany & Co.’s legendary designs. Imagine holding a case, its grooves echoing the allure of precious gems. A blend of German craftsmanship and an aluminum-brushed technique renders the case even more mesmerizing. And what subtly catches the eye is the emblematic ‘T’ motif, a delicate homage to the jewelry titan.

RIMOWA and Tiffany & Co. Elevate The Art of Traveling in Style

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Color has a voice, and few hues speak as poignantly as the iconic Tiffany Blue®. From its outer shell to the handle and seal, this shade bathes the Jewelry Case. Inside, the three-tiered design ensures treasured pieces remain secure yet accessible. A reflective mirror graced by a silver plaque which can be engraved sits atop, while the internal compartments, designed with precision, cater to rings, necklaces, and other precious trinkets, safeguarding them during your voyages.

For those with a penchant for a more conventional luggage style, the RIMOWA x Tiffany & Co. Rock Cut Cabin suitcase doesn’t disappoint. Much like its jewelry case counterpart, it too boasts the ‘Rock Cut’ design. However, it’s the Tiffany Blue® handles, luggage tag, wheels, and inner straps that render it distinct. A symbiosis of the two brands is evident, with their logos gracefully intertwined amidst the lavish interiors.

RIMOWA and Tiffany & Co. Elevate The Art of Traveling in Style

However, perhaps the pièce de résistance of this collaboration is the RIMOWA’s signature polycarbonate case. Drenched entirely in Tiffany Blue®, the case is reborn, housing six meticulous compartments for the traveler’s jewels. This case’s outer silhouette, flanked by two Tiffany Blue® leather straps, carries the imprints of both RIMOWA and Tiffany & Co. with regal simplicity.

RIMOWA’s CEO, Hugues Bonnet-Masimbert, encapsulates the essence of this partnership, “We are proud to join forces with Tiffany & Co., another legendary brand with the finest craftsmanship. The creation of such purposeful and one-of-kind pieces represents the centuries of expertise behind both brands.”

RIMOWA and Tiffany & Co. Elevate The Art of Traveling in Style

Echoing this sentiment, Tiffany & Co.’s Executive Vice President of Product and Communication, Alexandre Arnault, remarked, “This one-of-a-kind collaboration unifies two icons in one, both of which are incredibly personal to me and represent the highest caliber of craftsmanship.

RIMOWA and Tiffany & Co. Elevate The Art of Traveling in Style

For those looking to embark on their next journey in unparalleled style, this collection will be available from September 26th, 2023, at select RIMOWA stores, RIMOWA.com, the Tiffany & Co. Landmark in NYC, and on Tiffany.com in Greater China via WeChat.

Photos: RIMOWA

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