The RIMOWA Pilot Case celebrates its return, with Cédric Grolet, Ocean Ramsey, Dr. Woo and others

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Rimowa Pilot Case - Fred North
Fred North

The legendary RIMOWA Pilot Case is back, and it’s better than ever. Designed to be the ultimate toolbox for professionals in a myriad of fields, this iconic case holds a special place in the hearts of many who have relied on its unmatched functionality. The brand has recently launched a campaign celebrating the return of the Pilot Case, showcasing the inspiring stories of diverse artists who have made this case an essential part of their craft.

Since its first release in 1994, the RIMOWA Pilot Case has become a favorite among professionals worldwide. Known for its convenient top-opening design and sleek silver aluminum exterior, the Pilot Case has evolved over time to include a multitude of interior compartments, a laptop pouch, removable dividers, and wheels. This practical design allows it to accommodate some of the most exceptional talents across various industries.

To mark the return of the Pilot Case, RIMOWA brought together a group of remarkable individuals, each with their own unique use for this iconic suitcase. Photographer Shelby Duncan was enlisted to capture these professionals in action, showcasing the Pilot Case’s versatility and universal appeal.

Emelie De Vitis, Senior Vice President Product & Marketing at RIMOWA, commented on the relaunch: “Drawing its origins from the world of aviation, the Pilot Case has become a staple for traveling professionals across a wide range of industries. We are proud to celebrate the return of this iconic RIMOWA suitcase, long-awaited by many customers.”

The campaign, featuring photographs by Shelby Duncan and films edited by director Mariana Blanco, highlights a diverse group of talents. From tattoo artist Dr. Woo, who uses the Pilot Case to store his tools, to longboard world champion Kelia Moniz Termini, who relies on the case to balance her multifaceted life, each individual showcased in the campaign demonstrates the versatility and practicality of the Pilot Case.

I use my Pilot suitcase to transport all my supplies and tattoo equipment as efficiently and easily as possible. As someone who travels extensively, I need to bring my work tools with me wherever I go. The Pilot Case is a very accessible and straightforward solution for traveling and minimizing the amount of luggage I need to carry, as well as having everything in one place. Additionally, I can use the suitcase itself as a tool, sometimes as a small table or a little chair. It’s very versatile in the way I want to translate how I use it,” said renowned tattoo artist Dr. Woo, for example.

Other notable professionals featured include freediver and shark advocate Ocean Ramsey, movie pilot Fred North, prodigy chef Kwame Onwuachi, and Oscar-winning composer Hans Zimmer. Each of these talented individuals relies on the Pilot Case to transport essential tools and equipment, exemplifying the case’s widespread appeal.

The RIMOWA Pilot Case also supports the work of roller skater Oumi Janta, environmental activist and model Zinnia Kumar, French pastry chef Cédric Grolet, and renowned DJ Benji B. These individuals, along with countless others, have discovered that the Pilot Case is an indispensable companion on their journeys to success.

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Rimowa Pilot Case - Benji B
Benji B
Rimowa Pilot Case - Cedric Grolet
Cédric Grolet
Rimowa Pilot Case - Dr. Woo
Dr. Woo
Rimowa Pilot Case - Fred North
Fred North
Rimowa Pilot Case - Hans Zimmer
Hans Zimmer
Rimowa Pilot Case - Kelia Moniz Termini
Kelia Moniz Termini
Rimowa Pilot Case - Kwame Onwuachi
Kwame Onwuachi
Rimowa Pilot Case - Ocean Ramsey
Ocean Ramsey
Rimowa Pilot Case - Oumi Janta
Oumi Janta
Rimowa Pilot Case - Zinnia Kumar
Zinnia Kumar
Rimowa Pilot Case
Rimowa Pilot Case
Rimowa Pilot Case
Rimowa Pilot Case

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