Richard Hennessy x Berluti, a very rare and exclusive union!

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Richard Hennessy x Berluti

Hennessy has partnered with luxury brand Berluti to create an exclusive case for its iconic Richard Hennessy blend, celebrating the best of excellence and craftsmanship as part of its Rare Editions collection.

Hennessy and Berluti – both owned by the LVMH group – are an unexpected tribute to craftsmanship and excellence. As has been the tradition for several years, Hennessy used to invite great names in design and fashion to “dress up” or “reinterpret” its iconic creations, as a way to celebrate the end-of-year holidays with exclusivity, elegance and audacity.

After last year’s Methuselah carafe, born from the imagination of architect Frank Gehry and Baccarat, Hennessy has invited this year the elegant, century-old luxury house Berluti – and again, Baccarat – for a unique collaboration named after its founder.

Berluti, known for its exceptional and remarkable leather craftsmanship, has created an elegant handcrafted attaché case in cognac-hued Venezia calf leather. With its central cutout, it frames the carafe and its script like a trophy, while an angular sheath hugs the decanter’s curves, keeping it secure, whether inside the case or used as a standalone platform.

Now let’s talk about the carafe, it is made of Baccarat crystal, designed by the internationally renowned Polish-American architect Daniel Libeskind. Its graceful contours and an engraved script, an excerpt from Hennessy’s founding act signed by Richard Hennessy, topped by a crystal geometric stopper, pay tribute to the founder of the House who gave his name to the cognac in question here. A confident and assertive blend, Richard Hennessy cognac is produced in extremely limited quantities of 12 tierçons per year, using some of the world’s scarcest eaux-de-vie, carefully selected and preserved in the Hennessy founder’s Cellar.

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Richard Hennessy x Berluti
Richard Hennessy x Berluti
Richard Hennessy x Berluti

An ultra-luxury object and rare creation, reserved for collectors and enthusiasts, the Richard Hennessy x Berluti decanter is available The Richard Hennessy x Berluti decanter is available in a very limited edition of 150 pieces through private sales and in Hennessy houses around the world. And one last exclusive detail: a personalized card holder stamped with the Hennessy and Berluti logos is slipped inside the case.

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