Reebok Names Shaquille O’Neal as President of Basketball

Shaquille O’Neal spearheads Reebok's resurgence as President of Reebok Basketball. This alliance signifies a blend of legacy and innovation, aiming to elevate the brand's global stature in sports and lifestyle arenas.
October 16, 2023
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Reebok Names Shaquille O'Neal as President of Basketball
© Photo: Reebok
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Reebok is gearing up for a return to the basketball scene, rejuvenated and powered by none other than the legendary Shaquille O’Neal. The brand’s resurgence, characterized by reinvigorated energy and strategic collaborations, is a testament to its strategy to win. With Shaquille’s appointment as the president of Reebok Basketball, the brand is set to recapture its esteemed position in the sporting world.

Shaquille O’Neal’s affiliation with Reebok isn’t a newfound partnership; it is a homecoming, a rekindling of a bond formed years ago. The basketball icon, whose prowess on the court is matched by his business acumen, is no stranger to the brand. His influence is imprinted in Reebok’s heritage, symbolized by the iconic “Shaq Attaq” – a shoe that encapsulates the golden era of Reebok Basketball.

Looking back on my career with Reebok and in basketball, this appointment means everything to me,” O’Neal once remarked. His profound connection to the brand, rooted in a relationship forged before his rise to stardom, is a vivid reminder of Reebok’s legacy in basketball. With the legendary Allen Iverson also joining as vice president of basketball, the dynamic duo is set to usher Reebok into an era of renaissance.

O’Neal’s appointment, announced with the flair of an Instagram post adorned with a “2024 Shaq for President” T-shirt, isn’t merely a ceremonial role. He is poised to wield influence, cultivating partnerships and steering the brand with a strategic vision. Shaq is more than a figurehead; he is a visionary poised to usher Reebok into uncharted terrains, elevating its stature in the basketball arena.


Reebok’s ambitions are grand, yet grounded in strategic initiatives. Nick Woodhouse, president and chief marketing officer of Authentic, revealed ambitious projections, anchored by the brand’s global appeal and diverse offerings. Shaquille O’Neal’s influence, combined with enhanced global distribution and strategic partnerships, is the linchpin expected to catapult Reebok to towering heights.

O’Neal’s role is comprehensive, encapsulating product creation, marketing, events, and negotiations. Todd Krinsky, CEO of Reebok, affirmed Shaquille’s comprehensive involvement, underscoring the depth of his role and the breadth of his influence. In a brand where basketball currently constitutes a minor segment of total sales, O’Neal’s leadership is projected to amplify its contribution significantly.

Reebok Names Shaquille O'Neal as President of Basketball
© Photo: Reebok

Reebok’s trajectory is not confined to the basketball court. The brand’s classics and heritage business, coupled with its training category, form the pillars of its global appeal. With innovations in running, tennis, and soccer on the horizon, Reebok is sculpting a multifaceted identity, blending sport and lifestyle in a harmonious symphony.

The brand’s strategy is not unilateral; collaborations play a pivotal role. Reebok’s partnership with New Guards Group epitomizes its luxury facet, exemplified by the swift-selling $200 luxury version of the Club C shoe.

As Reebok Basketball heralds the return of Shaquille O’Neal, the landscape of sportswear is set for a seismic shift. With a legacy intertwined with basketball legends and a future sculpted by innovation and strategic collaborations, Reebok is not just revisiting its roots; it is evolving, transforming, and transcending. The return of Shaq signifies more than a homecoming; it heralds the dawn of a new era for Reebok, where the past and future converge in a dynamic combination of innovation, legacy, and unprecedented growth.

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