Ralph Lauren’s Unveils Real-World Replica of Its Fortnite Boot

August 3, 2023
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Fortnite x Ralph Lauren Race to Greatness
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In an ambitious initiative aptly named “Race to Greatness,” Ralph Lauren is inviting us to experience a tantalising blend of luxury fashion and interactive gaming, exclusively on the mega-popular gaming platform, Fortnite. The label, renowned for its classic American style, has been audaciously exploring new frontiers and is now ready to launch an immersive branded universe, effortlessly bridging the gap between the physical and virtual worlds.

This unprecedented venture follows the successful introduction of Ralph Lauren’s clothing line on the gaming site last year. Not content to rest on its laurels, the company has creatively expanded its digital presence, bringing a physical manifestation of the Polo x Fortnite PWing Boot into the real world. Born from the pixels of the Polo Stadium Collection in Fortnite, this covetable boot echoes the digital version’s midsole molded “fins,” a design nod to the jet pack glider from the digital collection.

However, the brand’s innovative foray does not stop at footwear. “Race to Greatness” incorporates an interactive Polo Pony-shaped island — a digital landscape designed with a unique twist that honours the brand’s roots. The island features a trio of topographies: Ralph’s Airplane Hangar, the Rocky Mountains, and Grand Forests, each a vivid tableau drawn from the designer’s personal spaces and collections. From the RL-CF1 chairs to the Langham desk and Fulton pendants, the landscape’s architectural details mirror those found in Lauren’s New York apartment. Add the glossy black floors and the light fixtures modeled after his garage, and you have a virtual embodiment of Ralph Lauren’s world.

Perhaps the pièce de résistance of this new digital realm is The Summit Building, a structure inspired by the brand’s P-Wing logo. Its crown jewel, the Polo x Fortnite P-Wing Boot, is enticingly showcased in glass. With only 300 pairs in production, each retailing at $250, it is set to become a sought-after collector’s item.


Ralph Lauren also plans to re-release the Stadium collection of apparel and cosmetics in the Fortnite Item Shop in early August, stoking the already blazing anticipation. And to ensure a spectacular launch, a global livestream event is slated today on Twitch, featuring top gamers and interactive challenges for two solid hours. Hosted by gaming luminary SypherPK, the event is set to draw e-sports stars and streamers like LetShe, Gotaga, Tubbo, Hikakim and Deansocool, all adorning Polo – both in the physical and digital realms.

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