Ralph Lauren Spirals Back to the ’90s, Crafting an Emblem for the 2028 Los Angeles Olympics

August 18, 2023
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Ralph Lauren x 2028 Los Angeles Olympics
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Imagine a time machine whisking us back to the energetic ’90s, the era of vibrant neon colors, bold shapes, and iconic fashion symbols. Well, Ralph Lauren has created a sartorial time portal, infusing an emblem for the forthcoming 2028 Los Angeles Olympics with its storied heritage. Steeped in nostalgia yet strikingly modern, this emblem serves as a beacon of anticipation for a spectacularly global event.

The year 2028 may still seem like a speck in the distant future. Yet, Ralph Lauren, the renowned American fashion house, has begun setting the stage for a grand sporting spectacle – the 2028 Los Angeles Olympics and Paralympics. With the Summer Olympics in Paris just a year away, the brand’s gesture intertwines its legacy with the anticipation of the impending Games.

July 25 marked the start of Ralph Lauren’s deepened relationship with Team USA and LA28, the organization helming the 2028 Olympic and Paralympic Games. In a celebration of this partnership, Ralph Lauren unveiled a custom-designed emblem for the Los Angeles chapter, further solidifying its position as the official outfitter for the Games.

The emblem presents a sleek fusion of the past and the future. Its centerpiece is a black and red winged A, an updated incarnation of Ralph Lauren’s iconic P-wing symbol that made waves in the ’90s. Set against a stark background of black letters and numbers – L, 2, and 8, the emblem also gracefully incorporates the famed Olympic rings.


This Ralph Lauren version is only the second commercially conceptualized logo in Olympic and Paralympic history. The precedent was set by Delta Air Lines, another founding partner, which presented its unique take on the logo last fall.

The emblem is making its debut on a denim jacket, retailing for $298, and will be available online and at Ralph Lauren’s flagship Beverly Hills store. To mark the emblem’s unveiling, the store will host an event with Olympian Shaun White and other celebrated athletes.

Ralph Lauren x 2028 Los Angeles Olympics

Peter Zeytoonjian, the senior vice president of consumer products for LA28, expressed his delight at the brand’s design. He remarked, “In every iteration of the LA28 emblem, we are writing the collective story of the LA28 Games. We’re thrilled to release this latest custom design with Ralph Lauren, a true icon in the movement who shares our drive to think differently, collaborate and connect more deeply with the next generation of fans and athletes.”

Ralph Lauren’s collaboration extends beyond the boundaries of Los Angeles. In keeping with its longstanding association with Team USA, the brand plans to launch a customizable Team USA capsule collection for the Paris Games. This collection will feature exclusive graphics on a range of items, including polo shirts and Ralph Lauren’s signature bear. This underscores Ralph Lauren’s commitment as an outfitter of Team USA, a role it has played since the Beijing Games in 2008.

As the curtains draw closer to the Games, Ralph Lauren promises to feature its emblem on a broader array of products. As it reinvigorates its historic symbol in this modern design, Ralph Lauren bridges the years between the memorable ’90s and the eagerly anticipated 2028 Los Angeles Olympics, furthering its legacy of intertwining fashion and sports in a truly global stage.

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