Rafael Nadal Teams Up With Luxury Perfumer Henry Jacques to Create the “In All Intimacy” Fragrance Exclusive Collection

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Rafael Nadal x Henry Jacques Fragrance

In the tranquil times of the previous tennis off-season, the scent of a new venture wafted from the abode of tennis maestro, Rafael Nadal. Swapping his tennis racket for the intriguing palette of a perfumer, Nadal introduced his debut perfume collection, “In All Intimacy,” in collaboration with prestigious parfumerie, Henry Jacques, and his spouse, Maria Perello.

Henry Jacques, the most exclusive perfume house in the world, has decided to bring this collection in a solidified form, harking back to its 2021 innovative product line: the signature “Clic-Clac” solid perfume. Akin to Nadal’s signature style on the court, the “Clic-Clac” Rafael Nadal edition dons a streamlined design—marked by a striking neon yellow line symbolizing a speeding tennis ball on the pristine green court.

Rafael Nadal x Henry Jacques Fragrance

The solid version of the collection will encompass all three fragrances—Rafael Nadal No. 1, Rafael Nadal No. 2, and Maria Perello. The scents are, interestingly, a metaphorical fragrance mirror of Nadal and Perello’s strong ties with the serene Mediterranean and their beautiful homeland, Mallorca, Spain. Citrus and bergamot, in harmony with the floral notes of orange blossom, jasmine, and lavender, are laced with a subtle undertone of thyme—yielding an olfactory embodiment of their intimate bond with their roots.

However, be forewarned, perfume enthusiasts—this limited-edition Clic-Clac comes with a hefty tag of $41,900 and is restricted to a mere 120 units.

Rafael Nadal x Henry Jacques Fragrance

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Despite these exciting developments, Nadal has been making news in the tennis world for different reasons. Affectingly, he announced his withdrawal from this year’s Roland Garros, a tournament he has dominated with a record 14 victories, owing to an untimely injury.

Discussing his unfortunate circumstances, Nadal stated, “The evolution of the injury I sustained in Australia has not gone as I would have liked. I have lost goals along the way, and Roland Garros becomes impossible…I’ll look to be 100 percent ready for next year, which I believe will be the last year of my professional career.”

Rafael Nadal x Henry Jacques Fragrance

Simultaneously, Nadal is broadening his horizons beyond tennis. He has recently become a team owner in the UIM E1 World Championship, the maiden all-electric boat league worldwide. A staunch supporter of marine conservation, he shared his excitement about this initiative: “I like the fact that E1 has a clear mission and is committed to preserving marine ecosystems.

In essence, Nadal’s journey from the tennis court to the fragrance world is a testament to his versatility and a celebration of his innate connection to his Mediterranean roots. As he grapples with his future in tennis, his foray into the world of perfumes and boat racing presents exciting new chapters in his dynamic life story.

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